Didymus Fund



The aim of this fund is to support smaller charities who are
working in the areas of social inclusion, education, the arts,
equality and diversity, and religious understanding. The fund will
enable charities to run projects and initiatives that build hope
and enrichment of life for people who have been disadvantaged
for whatever reason.

The funding is for projects that fulfil at least one of the following goals:
 Encouraging social inclusion
 Advancing education
 Developing the arts
 Advancing equality and diversity by creating opportunities for
 Promoting religious understanding

The funding can be used for the following:
 Purchasing equipment
 Provision of activities, such as music or arts sessions
 Training costs
 Educational costs

Who can apply? Applications will be accepted from UK registered charities.

To be eligible, applicants must:

 Have an income of less than £2 million
 Be seeking funding for work based within the UK, Africa or Central and South America

Priority will be given to charities with an income of less than £1 million

Grant amount: Grants of up to £5,000

Application process: There is an online application form

Deadline: 31 December 2021, to be considered in February 2022

Contact: Email: info@didymus-charity.org.uk
Website: www.didymus-charity.org.uk