Do you know that Fur Clemt is now open in Stubshaw Cross Church?

menu on chalk black board
Have you visited our Fur Clemt cafe at Stubshaw Cross church which is run along the exact lines of the Wigan Fur Clemt.
We meet Mondays 12-1pm and would welcome diners and volunteers alike.
photo of a mail meal with prawns and salad
We usually serve freshly homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and hot options too.  Desserts are often traditional style with custard, and usually a healthy fruit selection.
Our food is all sourced from local supermarket surplus and diners are asked simply to enjoy their meal and donate according to their means.
We sometimes have takeaway food to offer in our boutique shop, for example eggs or bananas, so we ask our visitors to always come with a spare shopping bag to fill!