Does your group need some extra help?


There are lots of local businesses, including Wigan Council, who support their employees to volunteer in the local community, usually during working hours. Over the next few months we want to showcase some great examples so that we can encourage even more businesses to get involved. To coincide with Volunteers Week 2024, which is the first week in June, we are looking for some opportunities where we can match groups of volunteers with local community organisations.

Do you have anything planned for May/June/July where a group of volunteers could make a real difference to your organisation?

It might be that you need some painting, tidying up, gardening, clearing/moving equipment. You might have an event coming up or need some help with your existing community activities. If so, then this could be an opportunity for you to get some additional help.

We are looking for opportunities where we can match up a group of volunteers for either a half day or full day, we can look at multiple days but it would be different groups of volunteers each time.

If you are interested, please complete this short survey so we can capture as much information as possible to match with volunteers. *please note that completing this survey does not guarantee that we can match volunteers with your request, we will confirm when volunteers have been identified.