lap tops sitting on a table

Local charities and Tech firms have joined forces to start a scheme for the public to donate old or unused laptops which are refurbished and given to local schools.

Adam Vause Chief Executive of Leigh based Express IT Group said, ‘We decided we would like to do something to help our local schools as people have done elsewhere. We will take any laptop, and if suitable either securely clear the existing data or if not install a new hard drive. If the laptop is unsuitable we can use it for spare parts.

Adam continued “Although some schools have already registered on the website with their requirements, I am sure there are more schools in the borough in need and I would ask them to resister as soon as possible.  All the donated laptops will be given to schools in the borough”.

The scheme is being supported by local charity Wigan Borough Community Partnership and both Astley and Wigan Rotary Clubs.   Local business Express IT Group, Nemiah and Leigh Works have been refurbishing the laptops and delivering them to local schools.

If you haven’t a machine to donate the project would be very grateful for money to cover the costs incurred in refurbishing ranging from £15 to about £50 per machine.

A Crowdfunder with a target to raise £4,000 has been set up.  To make a donation go to

The machines can be handed in at Tesco’s Central Park Wigan, The Galleries Wigan and Leigh Works, Bold Street, Leigh.   For more information go to