Draft Travel Plan Supplementary Planning Document


The council is consulting on the draft Travel Plan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).   

Travel plans have formed a key part of the planning process for some time, however, success has been limited. This draft Travel Plan SPD represents a shift away from the traditional approach to Residential Travel Plans and a move towards a more collaborative approach to the development, management and implementation of these plans. 

It has been informed by extensive consultation with a variety of stakeholders throughout its preparation, including formal consultation at the pre-draft stage in 2023.  

Feedback will be used to inform a final version of the SPD, which we plan to put forward for formal adoption during 2024. 

To view and make comments: 

You can view and make comments on the draft Travel Plan SPD document below until 23:59 on Thursday 21 March 2024. 

Please send any comments to planningpolicy@wigan.gov.uk or go to https://participate.wigan.gov.uk/en-GB/projects/draft-travel-plan-supplementary-planning-document for full details