Volunteer Drivers assistants

Volunteer Drivers assistants

Calling all parents – do you have a school /college leaver who has no plans for the summer? We are looking for Volunteer Drivers assistants to help us with our minibus trips to the seaside and other places over the next couple of months. Expenses and lunch will be covered . Call Amanda on 01942 409602 or [email protected]

Driven is a new local volunteer car scheme offer for people who struggle to get out and about. Our volunteer drivers will take you and your carer if needed to medical appointments, shopping trips, organised activities and anything else really that will help you to get out and about and remain independent in your own homes. Its a bit like a taxi service but all the journeys are booked a week in advance and its a door to door service instead of just being dropped off at the kerb. The scheme is open to people who are not able to or confident enough to use public transport or afford full taxi fares. We also have an adapted vehicle for people who use wheelchairs or have mobility problems.