Ear for You


Ear for you is a Covid-19 Support line for BAME communities. It’s a Greater Manchester
wide service.

What we already know
One third of Covid-19 patents are from Black and Asian
Minority Ethnic population (BAME)

Why is this service necessary
Covid-19 related emotonal support for BAME families is limited in
Greater Manchester (GM)

Who can call
People from BAME communities who are:
• Recovering from COVID-19 or are self-isolating
• Relatives and friends of clients suffering from COVID-19
• Bereaved relatves and friends of a deceased COVID-19 person
• BAME women and young girls victms of abuse and violence

Who are we?
• A charity specialised in the provision of cross-culture
emotonial support
• Registered Mental health Practitoners and
• Bilingual trained Peer Mentors skilled in basic cultural
• Community support volunteer workers

What is available?
• Advice, guidance and signpost relatng to COVID-19 maters
i• Cross-culture emotionial support related to pre- and post
Covid-19 issues
• Tailored psychosocial therapy for women and young girls
victims of violence and abuse during COVID-19:
Individual and Group therapy available.
• Online training is available
• Advice, guidance and support provided in varied
languages including Somali, Kurdish, Swahili, Urdu, Arabic,
French and more

07862 279289 / 07894 126157

You can also text the word ‘HELP’ and someone will get back to you

Open seven days a week from 10am-6pm
www.nestac.org.uk [email protected]