Energy rebate update from Wigan Council

image of wigan borough

We have now processed over 90,000 Energy Rebate £150 payments to eligible residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit and are ready to open the application process for all remaining eligible residents

A letter inviting you to make a claim and explaining what you’ll need to do is on its way to you, please do not attempt to apply until you have received your unique invitation. All eligible residents will receive a letter by 3 June so please allow until this time for your letter to be received.

When completing the application form you must enter your details exactly as they appear on your Council Tax bill and the unique code must match exactly to that quoted on your invitation to apply which is case sensitive.

Please note, we will never cold call or visit you asking for your bank details to process a rebate payment so if you are in any doubt regarding the identity of a caller please hang up immediately and notify us. Our telephone lines are currently extremely busy, once you

have received your unique invite to apply the fastest way to obtain payment is here 👉