Enterprise Awareness Programme

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A programme designed to give participants an awareness of enterprise and particularly social enterprise, the role they play within communities and how they link to the local wealth building strategies. There are 6 modules:
Introduction session – 1.5 hours – This includes a session looking at personality types, how different teams are set up and operate (with specific reference to Social Enterprise teams) what enterprises
exist within communities, what makes an enterprise social and a look at Community Business.
Accredited learning:
Finance – 2 hours – a high level look at what you need to consider when running an enterprise with practical exercises throughout:
• Budgeting and setting a budget for an enterprise.
• Cashflow forecasts, how these help you to budget and track your bank account balance.
• Invoices – issued and received and how to track these.
• Reconciling your bank account and why this is important.
• Wages and payroll – the real cost to an enterprise to pay yourselves and others.
Funding – 1.5 hours – all aspects of generating funds for your enterprise:
• Fundraising and the law
• Grant funding and who can apply for it.
• Repayable funding options
• Funding via commissions and contracts
Organizational structures – 1.5 hours – looking at the different legal structures for enterprises and how these can affect your ability to raise funding:
• The different types of Legal entities that an organisation can adopt.
• The benefits and limitations of different legal entities
• The structures of different legal entities
Marketing and Advertising – 1.5 hours – a high level look at marketing and advertising:
• The difference between marketing and advertising
• Different marketing methods
• Different advertising method

People and policies – 1.5 hours – a look at what it takes to manage people with particular reference
to a couple of key policies:
• Employment contracts
• Grievance procedures
• Disciplinary procedures
• Performance Management

The timeline for delivery can be determined by each cohort although the programme must complete by end July 21.
If any group or individual then wishes to take forward an enterprise idea (hopefully each cohort will work together on a mini enterprise) we will undertake a planning and costings session, putting their new theoretical skills into practice. This will last 3-4 hours.
The programme includes a small budget for each cohort to run their mini enterprise and I have set this at £500 per cohort although this is flexible.
If we identify a genuine enterprise opportunity from individuals or groups, we will then help them progress via our BAU programmes and connect them to the Wigan SE Network to obtain peer support etc.

For further information contact Andy Taylor Business Development Manager Abram Ward Community Cooperative

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