Equipment Grants for Disabled and Disadvantaged Young People


Since 1983, we have committed in excess of £28 million to 1,000 projects, and our enduring drive to support children with disabilities or facing disadvantage has benefited more than one million lives. You can become a part of this success story.

If your project is in the UK or Ireland and shares our aim of making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people, it may be eligible for a Wooden Spoon grant (Wooden Spoon project beneficiaries must be a group.

Wooden Spoon cannot make grants to individuals).

To find out if an organisation close to your heart is eligible for funding, please download the qualifying criteria here.


While there is neither a minimum nor maximum grant level, it is unlikely projects of a physical nature under £5,000 in value will have sufficient substance and scale to qualify under the ‘projected life span’ criteria. See examples of successful beneficiaries we’ve helped.

With the current situation, much of Wooden Spoon’s fundraising has been put on hold and therefore our available funding for projects has been reduced. We suggest as a first step you complete our expression of wish form for an initial assessment.


If you have discussed your grant with the team and are eligible please find our Application Form for download.


Should you have any queries please contact


Once an application has been received it will be checked to ensure it meets our criteria. It will then be sent to the regional committee for approval. If the region agrees to support the project an inspector will undertake a site visit and report back to the Project Committee which meets monthly. Successful applications will go forward to the next quarterly Council meeting. The applicant will receive a formal grant letter, if the project is approved by Council.