Exhibition: Angela Wane

Piece of work by Angela Wane
Following early retirement, I needed something to do whilst at home.  My mum taught me to knit as a child and I have knitted on and off ever since.  

Most of my knitting has been for charities like: ‘The Big Knit for Age UK’, ‘Twiddlemuffs’ for people living with dementia, blankets and hats for the homeless but I wanted a new challenge. 

My great auntie Bertha introduced me to crochet but other than a place mat I never managed to get the hang of it unless she was sat next to me so 35 years later, I decided to give crochet another go.  

I followed some you tube videos, joined a local group and 5 years on I’m totally hooked.  I’ve found crochet to be so therapeutic. I joined a Charity 3 years ago called ‘Octopus for a Preemie UK’ (OFAPUK) crocheting octopals and in the last 2 years became a volunteer coordinator for 4 hospitals, distributing octopals for the premature babies. 

By selling my craft items it allows me to continue funding work like the above causes. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my work.    

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