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Feeding Britain Podcast: In our latest podcast episode, Andrew is joined by Jenny Palmer, Community Development Officer at Newark and Sherwood District Council, who is sharing more about the brilliant initiative of Crop Drop within the Feeding Newark and Sherwood Network. This programme sees growers sharing their produce with families that need it most, via projects within the Feeding Newark and Sherwood Network, and Jenny explains the huge impact this has had not only on the network’s ability to provide fresh fruit and veg but on the sense of community and togetherness within the whole area. For anyone looking to set up something similar in their area, Jenny is happy to be contacted for advice on jenny.palmer@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk – You can listen to the episode on all major podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple.

Feeding Britain Blog: You may be interested to read our latest blog posts. The first is a guest post by Chris Stephens MP and gives a wonderful summary of the Good Food Scotland model. The second is a case study from The Feed in Norwich and demonstrates the impact being brought to individual lives throughout our network.

Food Banks Establishing Affordable Food Clubs: Please see attached the latest paper on food banks establishing affordable food clubs. Across the Feeding Britain network, there has been a notable trend over the past two years of food banks establishing affordable food models such as social supermarkets and pantries. This paper establishes that 47 of Feeding Britain’s local partners have embraced the transition from food bank to food clubs and this paper gives some examples of their brilliant work. Thank you to everyone who shared about their work as part of this paper. If you would like more information on the transition from food bank to food club, you can watch 2 of our previous webinars on the topic here and here, or listen to our special podcast episode on Spotify or Apple. For support, please reach out on info@feedingbritain.org

Ankose and Discounted Food Supplies:Feeding Britain are working with Ankose CIC who are brokering discounted deals with food suppliers for the Feeding Britain network. This includes a wholesaler, dairy, meat provider, egg supplier, herbs and spices. A fruit and veg supplier will soon be added to this list. We recently held a Zoom call with Ankose to explain how you can place orders with them. You can view a recording of the session here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SfKznvvoc0 Please email rose.bray@feedingbritain.org if you would like to see the Ankose price lists or start placing orders with the suppliers.

Community Partnership Programme to Tackle Food Poverty & Support the Elderly (UK): Groundwork is working with One Stop Stores Ltd to administer the One Stop Community Partnership programme. Successful applicants will receive an initial grant of up to £1,000 and begin a partnership with their local One Stop store. This programme is designed to support community groups or organisations operating within two miles of a One Stop store and which are tackling food poverty; supporting the vulnerable; supporting the elderly; supporting low-income families; running youth sports teams; improving the local environment; and reducing waste in the community. Applications will be welcomed from a wide range of organisations including: voluntary/community organisations, registered charities, schools, health bodies, Parish/Town councils, social enterprises, Community Interest Companies. The next closing date for applications is the 26th April 2024. Applicants are encouraged to visit their local One Stop store for more information.

Food Drop: Food Drop is an app that connects retailers and food stores with local charities and community food projects to redistribute surplus. The are working with brands including Pret, Caffe Nero and McDonalds. Find out more here: https://www.fooddrop.co.uk/charities 

Affordable Food Clubs in the USA: Bloomberg have recently published this article on the provision of low-cost grocery stores in the USA as one approach to tackling food insecurity and increasing the availability of affordable good food. The article shares some interesting examples of successes, challenges and solutions – including around the financial sustainability of these models.