Funding :- Reminders of Approaching Deadlines

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D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust

Max. Value: £ 5,000 Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Grants are available for UK registered charities working in the UK in the areas of advancement of the arts, health and medical welfare, and improvement or protection of the environment. 

Resource Action Fund (Including COVID-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant)

Max. Value: £ 170,000 Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Grants are available for businesses and not-for-profit organisations in England to support resource efficiency projects, with the goal of diverting, reducing and better managing waste, in the areas of food, plastics, textiles, recycling infrastructure and litter.

Youth Futures Foundation – Grants for Infrastructure Organisations

Max. Value: Discretionary Deadline: 18 Jun 2020

Grants are available for key infrastructure organisations in England that can demonstrate their ability to play a pivotal role in responding to rising youth unemployment but have had their finances impacted as a result of the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis.

Souter Charitable Trust

Max. Value: Discretionary Deadline: 19 Jun 2020

Grants are available to registered charities for projects engaged in the relief of human suffering in the UK or overseas, particularly those with a Christian emphasis and ethos.

Resourcing Racial Justice Fund

Max. Value: £ 50,000 Deadline: 22 Jun 2020

Grants are available for frontline organisations, grassroots groups and community groups across the UK that are working to redress the impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 and systemic racism on communities of colour.