Funding Updates

Dela for Communities Round 6
small ideas make a big difference to communities

The Deal for Communities Investment Fund

Aims/priorities: The Deal for Communities Investment Fund (DFCIF) is an exciting opportunity for people to make a real difference and solve some of Wigan borough’s biggest social problems.

The funding forms part of The Deal, which enables residents to get involved in their community. Small investments are for community groups and tenants and resident groups. Big investments are focused on schools, activities for children and young people and their families

Contact information: Tel: 01942 486 557 Email: [email protected] Website address:

Bowland Charitable Trust

Aims/priorities: The Bowland Charitable Trust offers grants to charitable organisations active in the UK.

The programme is intended to promote:

• Outdoor and character-building projects for young people in the North West England

• Educational, religious and cultural activities and institutions

Contact information: Tel: 01254 688 051 Email: [email protected] Post: Carol Fahy, The Bowland Charitable Trust, Bowland House, Phillips Road, Blackburn, BB1 5NA

The Charity Service Discretionary Fund

Aims/priorities: Applications for funding are invited from charities, organisations and individuals to assist disadvantaged, sick and infirm people and those living in poverty. Grants are available for any charitable purpose to beneficiaries living within the Greater Manchester area.

Contact information: Tel: 0330 1330 780 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund

Aims/priorities: The Greater Manchester Trustees are particularly interested in the following:

• Causes with which the Duchy has historical association such as Church livings, Estates etc. within the boundaries of the three Counties (Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside) and purposes which will benefit the community

• Trusts, Associations and Institutions that maintain and preserve monuments, Estates and possessions of the Duchy which prove to be of benefit to the public and local community

• Organisations which provide care and support for the elderly, inform and disadvantaged members of society

• Community Associations that benefit local people

• Organisations for young people e.g. Scouts, Guides, Cadets, Youth Organisations etc.

• Support for educational initiatives that will have beneficial results for the local community

Contact information: Tel: 0161 834 0490 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

FM Awards – Cash 4 Graft

Aims/priorities: Cash 4 Graft rewards resident involvement and volunteering time with between £50 and £250 to help get community ideas off the ground.

The awards are matched with the passion and effort of residents and their neighbours who work together to create and develop projects and are available in various areas of Greater Manchester

Contact information: Tel: 0161 214 0940 Email: [email protected]

Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust

Aims/priorities: The Manchester Guardian Charitable Trust is a grant making charity, which makes donations to a wide variety of community based organisations in the Greater Manchester area.

The Trustees are particularly interested in the following:

• Organisations for young people e.g. scouts, guides, youth organisations

• Provision for the sick and disabled

• Assistance for groups providing for the elderly and disadvantaged members of society

• Support for educational initiatives by arts organisations particularly for children and young people

• Community associations

• Organisations providing services for people in Greater Manchester

Contact information: Tel: 0161 934 6190 Email: [email protected] Post: Joe Swift, Clerk to the Trustees, Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust, Addleshaw Goddard LLP, 100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester, M2 3AB

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Aims/priorities: The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people living throughout the UK and takes pride in supporting work that might otherwise be considered difficult to fund.

The Foundation offers grants across the following range of priority areas:

• The arts

• Children and young people

• The environment

• Food

• Social change

Funding can be used for core or project costs, including staff salaries and overheads.

Contact information: Tel: 020 7812 3700 Email: [email protected] Website address:

Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Arts-based Learning Fund

The Foundation’s Strategy 2015 identifies six strategic priorities relating to changes the PHF wishes to see in the UK.

These are:

• To support imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas

• To widen access and participation in the arts

• To improve people’s education and learning through the arts

• To show that the arts make a difference to people’s lives

• To support the development and growth of organisations investing in young people and positive change

• To improve support for young people who migrate, and strengthen integration so that communities can live well together

Contact information: Tel: 020 7812 3300 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Youth Music Programme

Aims/priorities: Grants are available to a range of organisations for music projects in England that increase the number of children and young people across England who have the opportunity to take part in high-quality musical activities, particularly those who are experiencing challenging circumstances and who face barriers to music making

Contact information: Tel: 0207 902 1060 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Masonic Charitable Foundation

Aims/priorities: The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) offers grants to help thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people to live happy, fulfilling lives and participate actively in society. The Early Years Opportunities Grants programme offers both small and large grants to create the best start in life for disadvantaged children and young people.

Contact information: Tel: 020 3146 3337 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

BlueSpark Foundation

The funding is intended to support projects that have the following objectives:

• Encouraging independence

• Developing team working skills

• Developing self confidence •

Promoting creativity and individuality

• Encouraging aspiration

• Enhancing educational achievement

• Widening educational horizons

The funding is for relatively small-scale projects, which might not happen at all or would only happen on a lesser scale without the support of BlueSpark.

Contact information: Email: [email protected]


Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Grants Programme

Aims/priorities: Kellogg’s has teamed up with Forever Manchester to award grants to school Breakfast Clubs, to help them provide breakfast to those children who need it most.

Contact information: Tel: 0161 214 0940 Email: [email protected] Website:

The Lawrence Atwell’s Charity (for individuals)

Aims/priorities: The Lawrence Atwell’s Charity aims to help young people free themselves from poverty and disadvantage by heading into the job they want. Through tailored grant-making to those people who are most in need, the Charity will invest in their talents and aspirations to help them find their way – either straightaway or through a series of steps – into satisfying work

Contact information: Tel: 020 7213 0561 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Ecclesiastical £120,000, 120 charities, 12 days

Aims/priorities: Ecclesiastical have launched their 12 days of giving and once again they will be donating, £1,000 to 120 charities over 12 days. Ecclesiastical have given funding to all kinds of causes over the years and know what a huge difference £1,000 can make to a charity and those they support. Get involved and nominate your favourite charity.

Website address:

Climate Action Fund

The funding can be used for:

• Staff salaries

• Project activities

• Engagement activities

• Learning and evaluation

• Running costs

• Equipment

• Organisational development

• Some capital costs

Contact information: Tel: 0345 410 2030

Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Pocket Parks 2019/2020

Aims/priorities: The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has launched the new £1.35 million Pocket Parks, which builds on the success of the 2018 Pocket Parks Plus scheme. The new funding is intended to deliver, across all areas of England, new pocket parks and support renovation of parks that have fallen into disrepair providing spaces for the local community to use, either as place to relax or for activities, which will benefit the physical and mental health of local people.

Contact information: Tel: 030 3444 0000 Email: [email protected] Website address:

Lush Charity Pot

Aims/priorities: The funding is for organisations working in the following areas: •

Human rights

• Animal protection

• Environment

Projects should challenge the causes of injustice, animal abuse or environmental destruction. Only projects which use peaceful and respectful means to achieve social change will be considered for funding, which may include protests, demonstrations and non-cooperation.

Projects that create long-term change are given priority. Therefore, projects which prevent abuse of people, animals or the planet, are given priority over projects which care for and rehabilitate victims of abuse

Contact information: Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Beatrice Laing Trust

Aims/priorities: The Beatrice Laing Trust was established for the advancement of the evangelical Christian faith, at home and abroad.

The Trustees’ priority areas of giving are:

• To support new church building, extension or redevelopment projects, with a particular emphasis on churches using their physical resources to communicate Christian faith and respond to needs in their local community

• To support organisations offering practical services to those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable, with a particular emphasis on Christian organisations seeking to express their faith through practical action to help:

− the homeless

− the elderly

− ex-offenders

− former Servicemen and women

Contact information: Tel: 020 8238 8890 Email: [email protected]


Deo Gloria Trust

Aims/priorities: Funding is available for projects, which initiate or support activities which promote Christianity. Examples of previously funded groups include:

• Church Army

• London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

• One Rock International

• Premium Christian Media

• Rooftop Ministries

• Urban Saints

Contact information: Tel: 020 8651 6428 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

The Woodward Charitable Trust

Aims/priorities: The Trust’s grant making focuses on activities to improve social inclusion particularly in the following areas: •

Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in antisocial behaviour

• Prisoners and ex-offenders. Projects that help the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders are supported as well as requests to help prisoners’ families

• Disadvantaged women, covering refuges, domestic violence and parenting • Disability projects, which can include rehabilitation and training for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled

• Arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people

• Projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers A

s the Trust’s resources are modest, the trustees prefer to fund small to medium-sized charities with an income of less than £300,000 where small grants can have more impact. The majority of the grants made are for one-off projects although some grants fund salaries and running costs.

Contact information: Tel: 020 7410 0330 Email: [email protected] Website address:

Noel Buxton Trust

Aims/priorities: Grants are available to projects concerned with the welfare of both families and prisoners. Funding is also available to community-led organisations working to build sustainable livelihoods for local people in Africa.

Website address:

Lionel Wigram Memorial Trust

Aims/priorities: Funding is available to support blind, deaf and disabled people in the UK. Priority will be given to innovative, new ideas such as music in hospitals, or Wheelyboats enabling people in wheelchairs to go fishing.

Contact information: Tel: 020 7730 6820 Email: i[email protected] Website address:

True Colours Trust – Small Grants

Aims/priorities: The True Colours Trust aims to focus on the major barriers and challenges expressed by families, children and young people in the UK with complex disabilities and/or life limiting and life-threatening conditions. The Trust seeks to bring about better lives for children and their families through a broad mix of research, advocacy, service delivery and innovation. T

he Small Grants programme is currently focusing on supporting smaller local organisations that work with disabled children and their families on a daily basis within the UK. The Trustees are particularly keen to support the following:

• Hydrotherapy pools

• Multi-sensory rooms

• Minibuses

• Sibling projects

• Bereavement support

• Specialised play equipment

• Access to play and leisure

• Family support

• Parent-led peer support

Contact information: Tel: 0207 410 0330 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

National Churches Trust – Foundation Grants Programme

Aims/priorities: Grants are available for listed and unlisted Christian places of worship of any denomination in the UK to support interventions to investigate or address small problems before they turn into large repairs.

Contact information: Tel: 020 7222 0605 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

War Memorials Trust – Grants for War Memorials in England

Aims/priorities: Grants are available to protect and conserve freestanding war memorials in England with no other functional purpose than as a war memorial. Freestanding war memorials and designed landscapes in England will be considered

Contact information: Tel: 020 7233 7356 Email: [email protected]


Masonic Charitable Foundation

Aims/priorities: The Reducing Isolation in Later Life Grants programme offers both small and large grants to projects that support disadvantaged and vulnerable older people over 50 years of age in England and Wales. The funding will help people who face social isolation or loneliness due to reasons such as financial hardship, care responsibilities, a decline in physical or mental health, or life transitions including retirement or bereavement. The support will help to provide a range of services to support the physical and emotional needs of people as they age, including community-based programmes and access to healthcare, transport and technology.

Contact information: Tel: 020 3146 3337 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

The Wolfson Foundation

Aims/priorities: Support is available to organisations which provide care and services for older people, particularly if they have a neurodegenerative condition or are isolated.

Grants are awarded towards new buildings, refurbishment work and equipment.

Projects should aim to produce one or more of the following outcomes:

• Increased access to services for new and existing users

• Improved quality and range of services

• Improved financial stability of the organisation

Contact information: Tel: 020 7323 5730 Website address:

British Cycling Places to Ride Programme

Aims/priorities: Grants are available for organisations that are developing cycling activity in their community for the development of new, or the improvement of existing, cycling facilities in communities. The key objectives of the programme are to:

• Inspire people to ride

• Connect the community

• Build a lasting legacy The funding will support small-medium scale facility improvements or equipment through to large scale new build facilities across all types of cycling.

Contact information: North West regional contact Rob Pickering Tel: 0738 421 4078

Email: [email protected]

General information Tel: 0161 274 2000 Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund

Aims/priorities: The Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund gives grants for projects that:

• Improve facilities for football and other sport in local communities

• Sustain or increase participation amongst children and adults, regardless of background age, or ability

• Help children and adults to develop their physical, mental, social and moral capacities through regular participation in sport

The types of facilities we give money for include:

• Grass pitches drainage/improvements

• Pavilions, clubhouses and changing rooms

• 3G Football Turf Pitches (FTPs) and multi-use games areas

• Fixed floodlights for artificial pitches

Contact information: Manchester FA, Andy Baker, Football Development Manager

Tel: 0797 924 2707 Email: [email protected] / Football Foundation, Maria Finelli, Grant Officer Tel: 0345 345 4555 ext 4206 Email: [email protected] Website address:

Funding for Cycling Equipment and Facilities

Not-for-profit organisations in England can apply for grants to support the development of new cycling facilities or to improve existing cycling facilities in their communities

 Ecosurety Invites Applications to Exploration Fund

Ecosurety, an environmental compliance scheme, has launched a £1 million fund across three years to support innovative projects that offer tangible solutions to the negative effects that packaging, batteries and electronic waste have on the environment.

Funding for Digital Skills in 2020

The Thomas Wall Trust celebrates a centenary with the launch of the Digital Skills 2020 grants programme which is in addition to its grants programme for registered charities.

Foe full details or to discuss any of the above please contact

Email: [email protected]