GDPR v Santa


One of Wigan Council colleagues has seen the below article in a couple of recent newspapers – We’re not sure what date but  get the feeling it may have been in the last week or so.

GDPR vs Santa

A local authority in Germany has cancelled its traditional ceremony where children hang their Christmas wishlists for Santa on a tree in the market, because of GDPR concerns. The tradition saw kids write their name and address so Santa knew where to deliver their presents, however under the EU’s GDPR privacy law, the local authority must obtain written permission from the parents of the 4,000 children who usually take part.

The Times, Page: 43   Daily Mail, Page: 15

Whilst We’re not aware of any communities that ask children to put their address on the community Christmas tree it may be worth flagging up about being mindful of security, privacy and keeping people safe over Christmas.