Get Abused Women Help Before They Are In Crisis

end abuse

End Abuse are an organisation working to secure help for abused women before they get to crisis stage. We aim to help women to obtain the vital help and assistance they need to escape the men abusing them and keep them safe while they do so. 

The service specifically assists women in obtaining a non-molestation order anywhere in the country even if they have not reported to the police or been referred to the MARAC service. 

We help “hidden victims” by providing advice and help in obtaining an injunction against the men threatening their lives even if they do not feel confident reporting to the police. 

Over the last month we have helped 8 women to obtain an injunction. There is a clear need. We want to do this more often. 

We urgently need a helpline and the ability to fund the wages of an “IDVA/IDSA” … this is an independent and dedicated woman who will work closely with the most at risk victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse. We need the funds to provide a helpline for women to access the help they need to obtain a non-molestation order. If this injunction is then breached – the police have the power to immediately arrest the woman’s abuser. 

The woman does not have to visit the police. She does not have to prove her need. She will be believed and she will be helped. She has a chance. 

Please help us to raise the funds to get her out and help keep her out of abuse. 

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