Get involved with Get Togethers Plant and Share Month, 19th April – 19th May!

cartoon images of vegetables
grown your own

Food For Life Get Togethers Engagement team in the North are supporting community leads like yourself to join in a celebration of growing, with activities to encourage people to sow, grow and share veg with their communities.

Everyone can get involved – schools, early years settings, community leaders and those growing on a window ledge.

What can you do today?

  • Download your Plant And Share Toolkit
  • Find easy to access resources for activities to bring people together, virtually or in a safely distanced environment. Print and share window posters to encourage your street to Plant + Share.

What’s coming up?

  • Apply for a Small Grant
  • Next deadline is 30th April for activities to bring people together through food! Could you become a compost station by using a small grant to bulk buy quality compost for your community to access?
  • Sow, Grow & Harvest for The Big Lunch in June
  • Get Togethers and Eden Communities are supporting neighbourhoods to celebrate the value of sharing food, our aim is to support local networks growing their own food to harvest in time for the first weekend of June.

If you’d like to discuss any ideas, activities and projects growing this Spring, please get in contact with Sarah-Beth Cooper, your local engagement officer by phone or email 07741 310496 | [email protected];