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Raise Money for your organisation on EBay

This is the 7th year of the Small Charity Week eBay [email protected] competition, but this year has one main difference – you can win the chance to fundraise from eBay shoppers for two weeks instead of one

All that you need to submit to enter is a 90 character fundraising message (including spaces). PayPal Giving Fund will then choose 5 winners to feature on the eBay checkout page during Small Charity Week and the week after.

For an effective fundraising message, focus on:

  • Tangible and specific asks e.g. ‘Donate £1 towards antibiotic eye drops to stop an Indian child going blind’, rather than ‘Donate £1 to support the healthcare needs of children in India’
  • Singular examples e.g. child, rather than children
  • Putting the key words at the front of the sentence
  • Stating the urgency of the appeal e.g. ‘help today’
  • Keeping the message short and simple i.e. no jargon!

Full rules and further guidance on is available on the Small Charity Week website: http://smallcharityweek.com/fundraising-day/