GM Ageing Hub ‘Rightplace’ Housing Survey

cartoon image of houses

I am writing to ask for your assistance in publicising the launch of a new survey about older people’s housing. The survey, developed by Manchester Metropolitan University and the Centre for Ageing Better, is part of the ‘RightPlace’ research project, which seeks to address some of the myths about older people’s housing choices, calling for policy-makers and developers to embrace the diverse aspirations of older people that go beyond simple ideas about ‘downsizing’.

Through our new survey, the RightPlace project will attempt to uncover how different groups of older people think about their home and neighbourhood, their reasons for wanting to either move home or age in place as they grow older, and what can be done to best support their decisions.

The project has an explicit aim of developing useful evidence for local authorities, particularly in supporting ageing and housing strategies that best reflect the diversity of our older population. As well as a written report, I look forward to working with you all to share the findings from this research with your respective colleagues directly in due course.

We would be grateful if you could circulate the invitation below to any partners, and/or including it in any future newsletters or e-bulletins you circulate. If you have any questions about the project, please forward them to Dr Mark Hammond ([email protected]). Any support you can give us would be much appreciated, as the more participants we can recruit, the more robust our evidence will become.