GM BAME Network eBulletin, September 2020

Greater Manchester BAME Network
Welcome to our latest GM BAME e-bulletin which contains a selection of events, information and opportunities relevant to BME communities in Greater Manchester.
Please feel free to forward this bulletin onto your colleagues, contacts and networks who can subscribe to receive their own copy by clicking here.

Note that GMCVO staff are currently working from home. We are endeavouring to continue to deliver our work and projects and all our staff will respond to emails and phone calls. The office phones will not be staffed, but voicemail messages can be left and staff will respond. St Thomas Centre is closed until further notice.

Our thoughts are with everyone experiencing difficulties at this time. Please stay well.
News & Publications
Help us showcase the work of GM’s VCSE sector If you have not yet completed the State of the Sector Survey 2020 for your organisation, please take time to do so before the closing date on 25th September. It is vitally important that we are able to report the valuable contribution the VCSE sector makes to GM.

Deadline: Friday 25th September
GMCVO launch new Emergency Investment Fund in response to COVID-19 We have launched a funding programme aimed at Social Enterprises, Charities and Community Businesses who are in desperate need of urgent capital caused by COVID-19.
This Emergency Investment Fund will help fund organisations by providing loans ranging from £50,000 to £250,000. There is a repayment and interest free period of up to 2 years at the start of the investment and then a 3 year repayment period. FIND OUT MORE
GMCVO wants to hear from VCSE sector employers who could offer work placements GMCVO wants to hear from VCSE sector employers who want help to access the Kickstart scheme. Kickstart will fund high quality, six-month paid work placements of a minimum of 25 hours for week; for young people aged 16-24, who are claiming Universal Credit and at risk of long term unemployment.

The government will fund the wage, NICs and pension contributions for each placement and there is also a £1,500 payment (to the employer) for each placed young person.

However, employers wishing to apply directly for funding, must be able to offer a minimum of 30 job placements. Many within the VCSE sector will not be able to provide this many placements – this is where GMCVO intends to help. As a registered intermediary, GMCVO would submit applications for funding on behalf of multiple employers.

To find out more about working with GMCVO as an intermediary, please click here.
New report: Ageing in Place for Minority Ethnic communities 
A new report from Ambition for Ageing explores the importance of social infrastructure, such as shops, community centres, and green spaces, for older members of minority ethnic communities.

It is important for older people with a shared cultural identity to have places where they can meet to maintain their sense of identity and relationships, and to ensure a sense of connection to the neighbourhoods in which they live. As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, it is important that the planning and re-design of public and shared spaces are invested in and supported to ensure there is a social space for local people.

The research also highlights the importance of local voluntary organisations working with minority ethnic groups. Specialist funding and support is vital for these organisations to continue their work within communities. Given the impact of COVID-19 on minority ethnic groups, these organisations need to be engaged in the rebuilding of communities.
“Invest in a crucial sector or risk losing it”, say Manchester’s voluntary sector leaders Leaders of Manchester-based charities have shared their experiences of the Covid-19 crisis and their thoughts for the future in a new report produced by Macc, Manchester’s local voluntary and community sector support organisation.Titled No Going Back, the report brings together the experiences of 22 local voluntary sector leaders who shine a light on the critical role that the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector has played during the response to the Covid-19 crisis. As well as reflecting on the lessons learned during the crisis, the leaders make the case for change going forward and highlight the unique opportunity society has to make things better in the future.
VCSE Leadership Group publish ‘Building Back Better’ report The VCSE Leadership Group has published a discussion paper on ‘Building Back Better’ in Greater Manchester to create a more inclusive economy, together with the VCSE sector and the wider social economy. The report provides a range of successful, practical ideas and live examples which are likely to produce a more inclusive, green and localised economy. We are challenging Greater Manchester use these to put much greater emphasis on the social economy within its economic strategy. READ THE REPORT
GM VCSE Collaborative launched We are pleased to announce the launch of a new GM VCSE ‘Collaborative’ following an overwhelming response to our call for members from the sector. The new group, which brings together existing and emerging leaders from a range of backgrounds, will work together to influence policy at a GM level.
It has been inspirational and heartening to learn more about what the GM VCSE sector are doing to support communities in these difficult times. We would once again like to extend our thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in joining this group.
There will still be plenty of opportunities to get involved with the future work of the Collaborative. If you would like to be involved, or would just like to be kept up to date, please sign up to become a member of the GM Collaborative Network here.
New report: West Midlands inquiry into COVID-19 fatalities in the BAME community 
This report from the Covid-19 BAME Evidence Gathering Taskforce finds that the disproportionate number of Covid deaths in black and ethnic minority communities in the West Midlands was avoidable, after hearing evidence from families affected. The report will contribute to the wider review being conducted by the Labour Party into the impact of the virus on BAME communities, headed by Baroness Doreen Lawrence. READ THE REPORT
Runnymede Trust blog: Speaking up, anti-east Asian racism during Covid-19 A year of unprecedented events has led to more discussion about the structural racism experienced by different groups in the UK than ever before in a generation.
In this blog, Claire Lee, a Reframer on Runnymede Trust’s Reframing Race programme, explores her own experience of anti-East Asian racism, and considers where this fits in the context of the wider landscape of Black Lives Matter and widespread racial injustice. 
Now available to watch: BAME Ageing in the Community Conference 
This Ambition for Ageing event featured speakers from across the Ageing Better partnerships on topics ranging from setting up BAME Networks to funding culturally-specific financial inclusion projects. They also shared findings of their new report and heard from keynote speaker, Patrick Vernon OBE.
The recording of the event, including the workshops, is now available online in a handy YouTube playlist so you can watch back some or all of the event.
GM’s Hidden Talent: Youth Panel Peer Evaluations Report As part of the Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent (GMHT) programme, the Youth Panel conducted peer evaluations with young people being supported by the programme.

These evaluations were an opportunity for young people to have their say on the support they receive and influence the development and evaluation of the programme.

This report details the peer evaluation findings. It faithfully represents the voices of the young people who are engaging with the programme, and is testament to the value of peer-to-peer exchange in eliciting honest and detailed insights.
Resources & Support
Accessing Community Hub support across Greater Manchester
We are sharing Community Hub contact numbers for help with food and medical supplies for anyone living in Greater Manchester. The link below provides the contact number for each GM district and the opening hours. It also includes the Greater Manchester Textphone for requesting support via SMS. 
Guidance on avoiding Vitamin D deficiency 
The NHS guidance is clear: certain groups are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency and should take a supplement of 400 international units daily (equivalent to 10 micrograms daily). People with darker skin colour, especially those from BAME communities, are at greater risk of deficiency than those with lighter skin, since UV light from the sun does not make vitamin D so effectively in darker and older skin.
We are sharing this information on behalf of NHS network members to help raise awareness of this important health issue. 
Covid-19 Response Capacity Building Project (BTEG) 
There has been an unprecedented change in the landscape for the charitable and voluntary sector, in particular, the impact that Covid-19 has had on BAME communities and the organisations that serve them. In response, the Black Training & Enterprise Group (BTEG) have taken immediate action to develop a range of sustainability and capacity building support for BAME organisations, projects and programmes that have been directly impacted by the virus so that they can ‘think differently and act strategically’.
Funded by The London Community Foundation and the National Lottery Communities Fund, this support will target small BAME-led civil society groups across England working directly to support people at high risk of the virus, having faced a significant increase in demand and/or have limited capacity to focus on internal developments and planning. It will enable them to build their structures, systems, people and skills in order to deliver projects and services in line with the current context and needs. FIND OUT MORE
6 new pilot mental health support services commissioned to support BAME communities, in response to Covid-19 
The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have commissioned six pilot mental health support services, in response to the impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities.

The six pilot services and their target beneficiaries are:

– Manchester BME Network CIC – support for South Asian communities
– Yaran – support for Middle Eastern communities
– Wai Yin – support for the Chinese community
– CAHN – support for African and Caribbean communities
– Jewish Action Mental Health – support for Jewish communities
– TS4SE – developing capacity building with a focus on refugee communities

Follow the link underneath for all information leaflets about the different services and support groups provided by the six different organisations.
Money4You BAMER HUB – free organisational support to BAME-led charities and social enterprises 
BAMER HUB is an online platform for voluntary organisations from Money4YOU, providing members access to resources to strengthen and grow. Membership is free for Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, Refugee (BAMER) led charities and social enterprises.
The hub includes priority access to information, funding opportunities, support sessions, workshops, tools and resources for business continuity, resilience, networking and income generation.Money4YOU exists to tackle inequality by teaching people how to make money, helping organisations to raise funds and supporting everyone to make the most of their resources.For more information and to pre-register follow the link underneath
Adoption Now agency – seeking to identify potential adopters from BAME communities The Adoption Now agency are looking for adopters to provide a child or children a loving, caring, secure forever home.

During this difficult time, we are still open using virtual resources to progress the adoption process and approve adopters.

If you’re considering adoption or need more information about adoption, our team would love to speak to you.To find out more, please follow the link below.
COVID-19 support and resources for BAME Communities (GMCVO) 
This page lists information, sources of support and resources for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
If you see something missing that you think should be included, please email [email protected]
GMCVO’s COVID-19 News and Updates webpage (GMCVO) 
In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we have put together a dedicated web page which lists sources of advice and information useful to VCSE organisations on Greater Manchester. FIND OUT MORE
Raising awareness of ‘lasting power of attorney’ (LPA) amongst BAME communities The ‘Your Voice, Your Decision’ campaign is part of a government initiative to raise awareness of lasting powers of attorney (LPA) in BAME communities, disproportionately affected by covid-19.
People from BAME communities and areas where deprivation is prevalent have been adversely affected by the crisis and would benefit from the security a health and welfare LPA provides if someone should lose the capacity to make decisions about their own health and care. However, it is amongst these communities where the take-up of LPAs is at its lowest.

For all the key info on what lasting power of attorney (LPA) is, its importance, some of the myths, and how to set one up, follow the link below to view the leaflet.
GM Chamber of Commerce open access to their GM Business Community network Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is offering all businesses who aren’t currently members free access to the GM Business Community to give them access to our network and support from the largest Chamber in the UK. FIND OUT MORE
Events & Training
Have you now moved your events online in response to COVID-19 restrictions? If these events would be relevant to voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in Greater Manchester and are either free or charge a nominal fee, we would be happy to list them on the events page of our GMCVO website.

To list your virtual event on the GMCVO website, click the button below
Event for employers: Talent Coaches’ perspective – how employers can help young people find their feet at work 
21st October
Talent Coaches provide one-to-one employability support to young people on GM’s Hidden Talent, a GMCVO-led youth employment programme. This online event (via Zoom), is an opportunity for employers to listen to our Talent Coaches’ reflections on how managers and teams can help young people with limited or no work experience, make a successful start in new roles. There will also be the chance to share your own good practice and put questions to our Talent Coaches and the other attending employers. FIND OUT MORE
Rio Ferdinand Foundation – Youth Voices online media training programme 
The Rio Ferdinand Foundation would like to introduce ‘Youth Voices’, which is an online programme offering a range of free sessions, workshops and training for young people aged 14-21 from across Greater Manchester and the UK.These free online sessions take place daily from Monday to Friday at different times, however, all sessions are repeated each month from September to December. Young people can choose the sessions they are interested in, create their own schedule, and complete their selected sessions at their own individual or group pace.All sessions are designed to complement each other or work as standalone initiatives for young people of any ability.
If taken together as part of a journey, the sessions build a young person’s understanding of social action and their confidence in using the various tools and media at their disposal.
Our Express Yourself workshops in Spoken Word, Smart Phone Filmmaking and Podcasting will guide young people to produce their own impactful campaign pieces to share as part of a national Hope2020 campaign in November and December 2020 alongside partners The Co-op.
Free ESOL and Life in the UK courses currently on offer from KYP
KYP is currently offering Free ESOL and Life in the UK courses to enable individuals acquire new English language skills so they can actively take part in society and achieve their full potential. Eligibility requirements are that students need to hold a Third Country Nationality or a Refugee status with a right to remain in the UK. These courses will help learners to improve their speaking and listening skills, prepare for Citizenship and gain a recognised accredited qualification in ESOL Speaking and Listening.

There are 2 types of courses:

– To help learners improve English in everyday life
– To build confidence
– Improve employability chances
ESOL and Citizenship/Life in the UK

– To help learners settle into the UK and use English in everyday life
– Understand the laws and customs of the UK
– Preparations for Life in the UK tests/B1
If you would like KYP to run these classes at your centre they can pay for room hire charges as well as provide all the related support to learners.
For more details, please contact Kouser Bi (project co-ordinator) on 01706 516610
ekaH Foundation offering free online course in Life Skills and Emotional Literacy 
This is a 5-week course in life skills and emotional literacy offered by the ekaH Foundation. The course is free to access and includes 9 hours of mentoring support.
The 5-week course is split into modules on self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship management developing your own social project. FIND OUT MORE
New digital skills training programmes open for applications 
Residents from across Greater Manchester are invited to apply for fully funded training programmes designed to help individuals gain digital employment with companies in the city-region.

The free training programmes, which have been funded as part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund to create inclusive opportunities into digital employment, are now open for candidate applications.
Weekly ‘Health Hour’ support events (Caribbean and African Health Network) 
Saturday mornings, 11am-12pm
Online, FREE
CAHN are currently running weekly one hour ‘Health Hour’ events online, every Saturday from 11am-12pm. The focus is on reducing health inequalities, with advice and Q&A from medical doctors, health and wellbeing professionals and physical instructors.
Weekly ‘Healthy Hearts’ support events (Caribbean and African Health Network) 
Tuesday lunchtimes, 1-2pm
Online, FREE
CAHN are currently running weekly one hour ‘Healthy Hearts’ events online on Tuesdays from 1-2pm. The focus is on promoting health awareness related to the heart, looking at physical activity, nutrition and medication. FIND OUT MORE
Connect 5 mental health training for non-mental health staff being rolled out across GM 
Connect 5 is a workforce training programme developed by Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind (‘TOG Mind’), created to upskill non-mental health staff to better understand and successfully address mental health issues within their everyday practice.

Connect 5 content provides an evidenced based collaborative prevention toolkit that promotes psychological knowledge, understanding and awareness and the development of skills, which empower people to take proactive steps to build resilience and look after themselves. The training can be accessed by anyone who feels they would benefit from greater knowledge within their role to support others, be they hairdressers, taxi drivers, community groups, managers, landlords, support workers or volunteers.
Training: Telling stories and making arguments – working with qualitative data (Third Sector Research Network) 
Wednesday 4th November
Online, FREE

Led by Dr Katherine Davies and Dr Adam Carter from Sheffield Hallam University Univeristy in conjunction with GMCVO. this event will help participants to make the most of their qualitative data, introducing strategies for analysing and making arguments with different types of qualitative data including interviews, visual data, mobile methods, observations and diaries
Event: Using a qualitative longitudinal study design in voluntary sector research (Third Sector Research Network) 
Friday, 20th November

Rob Macmillan, Sheffield Hallam University will discuss the Change in the Making study, which followed a small group of voluntary organisations over ten years.
Finance & Funding
Remember to also check out Forever Manchester’s Funding and Support page
Grants to support BAME-led organisations affected by Covid-19 GM BAME Network, supported by GMCVO, have launched stage two of their emergency grants programme.
Small grants of £1000-£3000 are available to small GM BAME led VCSE organisations and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to help them respond to the needs of their communities. FIND OUT MORE
Grants to support mental wellbeing – Stage 3 GMCVO, working in partnership with 10GM, have launched the third stage of a grants programme to support mental wellbeing in communities of identity or experience.
Micro grants of £100-£500 are available to small, grass roots voluntary and community groups.

Deadline: 11th December 2020
GMCVO launch new Emergency Investment Fund in response to COVID-19 GMCVO have launched a funding programme aimed at Social Enterprises, Charities and Community Businesses who are in desperate need of urgent capital caused by COVID-19. This Emergency Investment Fund will help fund organisations by providing loans ranging from £50,000 to £250,000. There is a repayment and interest free period of up to 2 years at the start of the investment and then a 3 year repayment period. FIND OUT MORE
GMCVO continuing to offer social investment to social enterprises and trading charities ‘Blended finance’ (mix of grant and loan) aimed at small and very small social enterprises and charities that trade, including new organisations. Whether you address social needs, strengthen communities, improve people’s life chances, enhance culture or protect the environment – if the business trades for the common good, this opportunity is for you.

Deadline: Ongoing
Phoenix fund (Global Fund for Children and The National Lottery Community Fund) – final round for applications 
• Up to £20k emergency grants to BAME communities across England
• For groups that support BAME communities with income under £100k

Round 4 application deadline: 30th September
New £3.3 million fund to give babies from deprived areas or BAME backgrounds the best start in life Mothers and babies will benefit from a new multi-million pound fund to give people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) or poorer backgrounds the best chance at a healthy start in life. 
The fund is open to applications from charity-run projects aimed at:- improving perinatal mental health
– reducing the percentage of babies born with low birthweight
– increasing babies being breastfed
– obesity prevention and support
– reducing smoking or encouraging smoke-free homes
– improving learning, speech and language development
– improving immunisation rates and reducing rates of preventable disease
Deadline: Friday 30th October 
Resonance Community Developers Fund – investment for projects developing community led and owned assets (Resonance & GMCVO) 
This fund invests in projects looking to develop community led and owned assets for both affordable/social housing and/or sports facilities in Greater Manchester.
The fund aims to invest in substantial projects, normally in excess of £1 million across Greater Manchester. As the local delivery partner, GMCVO will provide support and connect community groups with local partners to help deliver the projects.

Deadline: Ongoing
Grants and learning support for charities and social enterprises looking to become more enterprising (Enterprise Development Programme) 
Along with social enterprises and charities working in homelessness and south sector, mental health VCSEs can now apply to the Enterprise Development Programme, which offers grant and learning support for charities and social enterprises looking to increase their sustainability by developing or growing their enterprise.
It is open to a spectrum of organisations, from those in a testing phase to those at a stage of scale.

Deadline for Expression of Interest: 25th September
Catalyst and The National Lottery Community Fund COVID-19 Digital Response 
A £5m fund has been launched to support organisations to develop their digital, data and design capabilities that allow them to address urgent issues and serve the most vulnerable. Emergency funding of up to £60k is available to nonprofits in England that are committed to proactively sharing learnings with other organisations in their networks. FIND OUT MORE
10GM Funding Bulletin – September 2020 The latest Funding Bulletin produced by 10GM, a partnership of local support and development agencies in Greater Manchester has been published. FIND OUT MORE
Beware of the Bull Funding Bulletin – September 2020 A bumper issue this month, packed with funding opportunities for you to get your teeth into. FIND OUT MORE
GMCVO’s dedicated Covid-19 Funding page Find out about funding available for people and organisations affected by the pandemic on our dedicated page COVID-19 FUNDING PAGE
Opportunities & Vacancies
Support project connecting BAME Social Entrepreneurs (GMCVO & GM BAME Network)
A partnership project between GMCVO and the Greater Manchester BAME Network is underway to build a Greater Manchester BAME Social Enterprise Network and help deliver business support to BAME social entrepreneurs.
Specifically for BAME social entrepreneurs, we strongly encourage you check out the new project webpage. It’s full of helpful resources, information, links and the chance to register to join the network, become a mentor or request business support to help you grow your social enterprise FIND OUT MORE
Get involved in Challenge Poverty Week – 12th to 18th October Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity to highlight the incredible work being done by community groups around the country, and to show what can and must be done differently. It’s an opportunity for voices that are often ignored to be heard loud and clear. It’s a chance to show that a better, more compassionate society is possible – and that there’s no better time than now to start making it a reality.
The aims of Challenge Poverty Week are:

•  To raise a unified voice against poverty and show that we all want to live in a more just and equal Scotland.
•  To build awareness and support for solutions to poverty.
•  To change the conversation around poverty and help end the stigma of living on a low income.

For all the details of how to get involved follow the link below.
Self-employed and SME business mentoring available through Enterprising You programme (Growth Company) 
Are you self-employed or running your own business and keen to grow? Not sure how to improve client retention? Know the basics but want to take your venture to the next level? Whatever you’re facing, whether financial issues, instability with work, health barriers or not knowing what step to take next; there is support available through the Enterprising You mentoring programme.

Enterprising You is a government-funded programme specially designed to support self-employed individuals, including those who work in the gig economy and small business owners in Greater Manchester. Social entrepreneurs can also access this support.

The Enterprising You programme are also seeking social enterprise mentors to join their team. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact [email protected]
‘Be the Business’ mentoring support programme (Growth Company) 
To help businesses navigate a way through this challenging year, ‘Be the Business’ are providing fully-funded mentoring from successful business leaders to SME decision-makers, including social enterprises.
The programme is free to access.
Mentoring will focus on each individual and their business needs and can cover a range of issues including; scenario planning, finance, HR and staffing, business development, supply chain and change / transformation management.
Be The Business are also on the lookout for more social enterprise mentors. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, contact [email protected]
Apprenticeship opportunities at United Utilities United Utilities currently have a number of apprenticeship opportunities across Manchester, Rochdale, Bolton and Oldham.

You can find out more details via the link below.

Alternatively, contact Claire Fuller at [email protected]
Take part in the C19 BAME LEARN project (Psychological Professions Network NW) 
There is a call out for BAME health and social care workers to get involved in the design, delivery and dissemination of a new study – C19 BAME LEARN.

The project aims to understand the mechanisms and factors that can improve inclusion, protection and well-being of health and social care workers from black and minority ethnic backgrounds involved in the provision of health and social care across the spectrum of acute, community and private settings.

All necessary training and support for the role will be provided, and individuals will be paid for their time within the project funding.

For more information, please contact Dr Pooja Sain on [email protected]
Call for participants for the GM Inclusive Lives Matter Living Library Programme 
The ‘Inclusive Lives Matter’ is a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between the human books and their readers; An inclusive lives matter person that comes forward to discuss their story is someone who shares their personal lived experiences that tells their story and answers questions from the ‘reader’ in-order to help challenge misconceptions and educate the readers in order to educate them on stereotypes and sometimes taboo questions.As part of the Race Equality programmes in Greater Manchester, the NHS Northern Care Alliance are inviting people from BAME communities to share lived experiences of working in the Greater Manchester (GM) system and also personal stories linked to living in GM.If you are interested in participating in this initiative, all you to need to do is record and submit a short video. Please refer to the linked document below for instructions and guidance.
Get involved in the #YoungAndBlack Campaign (UK Youth and others) 
Through an online campaign and a series of events we seek to truly illuminate and create safe spaces for young Black people to share stories, connect and highlight their personal experiences of being #YoungAndBlack in Britain. But this isn’t about one race talking to itself. We believe that true social cohesion starts with real understanding. That journey starts with active listening. Let’s boldly work together to foster more understanding as we amplify young Black experiences in Britain. FIND OUT MORE
Vacancy: Community Connector at ACCG
 We are delighted to offer an exciting opportunity for an experienced Community
Connector to join the ACCG a registered charity providing health and social care
services in Manchester.

21 hours/week
£10,821 pa
Location: Manchester VIEW VACANCY
Vacancy: Dementia Advisor at ACCG
 We are delighted to offer an exciting opportunity for an experienced Dementia
Advisor to join the ACCG a registered charity providing health and social care
services in Manchester.

28 hours/week
£15,739 pa
Location: Manchester FIND OUT MORE
Have Your Say
Call for VCSE participants to share how your organisation uses data in your work (Third Sector Research Network)
GMCVO is looking for examples of how VCSE organisations in Greater Manchester have used data in their work.If your organisation has used data to inform your service delivery, secure funding or demonstrate the value of your work, you could be paid £150 to contribute to an event that GMCVO is organising in partnership with the UK Data Service.The event is entitled “Data for Good: A celebration of data in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector” and will take place online on 11th November, 10am – 1pm.
At the event we would like to feature examples of VCSE organisations’ uses of data. Contributors will get the opportunity to showcase their work by presenting at the event, writing a short blog about their data use and discussing this with event attendees.We are looking for examples of using the following types of data:- Survey data e.g. Labour Force Survey or Census data
– Sectoral data e.g. charity commission data
– Data collected by yourself about your service users
If you would like to contribute, please contact [email protected]
Survey: Greater Manchester’s Big Mental Wellbeing Conversation 
Everyone in the city-region is being asked to take part in a survey about their mental wellbeing.
Responses to the survey will help shape future initiatives to improve mental wellbeing in Greater Manchester, making sure they reflect the needs of local people TAKE PART
Survey: People living with Dementia Survey Questionnaire for Carers Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture (CWTC), Rochdale is conducting People living with Dementia Survey Questionnaire for Carers looking after people diagnosed or living with Dementia. 
Please take 15 minutes of your time to make a difference to someone’s life. 
Call for evidence: Social prescribing approaches for migrants 
Public Health England are conducting an evidence review on social prescribing approaches for migrant populations in England and is inviting stakeholders to submit research data or reports on 2 key areas to inform the review.They are interested in examples of migrants’ lived experiences after a social prescribing referral and its impact on their physical and mental health and wellbeing and on the effectiveness of current examples of social prescribing models for migrants in the UK, as well as health service delivery models in other EU and EEA countries that might inform provision in England.If you are able to share research data or a report on this topic, the consultation is open until the 30th of October. FIND OUT MORE
Research participants needed: postgraduate study on BAME experiences of unemployment BAME participants are needed for a University of Manchester postgraduate dissertation project looking at the unemployment expereinces of BAME individuals and its impact on well-being

Inclusion criteria:
– Black, Asian or Minority ethnic
– Currently unemployed (for at least 6 months prior to interview) FIND OUT MORE
Survey: Mobilising Volunteers Effectively during the pandemic The Mobilising Volunteers Effectively (MoVE) project, run by a partnership between the Universities of Sheffield, Hull and Leeds, secured funding earlier this year from UK Research and Innovation to investigate the mobilisation of volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic.As part of their research, they have put together a short survey to try and understand the dynamics of volunteer supply during the pandemic. MoVE wants to hear from local authorities and voluntary sector organisations and groups, about the dynamics of volunteer supply and demand during the coronavirus pandemic. TAKE PART
North West Ambulance Service would like to hear from you!  How we engage with you may have changed since the recent pandemic, but we won’t let that stand in the way of meeting you all! The Patient Engagement team have recently been meeting with groups virtually, where you have shared your experiences of using our service with us.We would really love to meet you and hopefully hear about your own personal experiences. Maybe you have not used our service recently, but you may have some thoughts or ideas you would like to tell us about? FIND OUT MORE
Survey: How do you use your parks? 
The IGNITION project are researching innovative ideas about how public parks and greenspaces can be uplifted across Greater Manchester. If you live in Greater Manchester please share your thoughts with them by filling in this short survey to enable them to understand how you use your public parks and greenspaces and why they are important to you. TAKE PART
Report a VCSE organisation at risk of closing or closed As part of GMCVO’s response to Covid-19, we want to mitigate the very real risk of losing VCSE organisations just when we need them the most. If we have any warning that any organisation is at high risk of closing, we can try to help. If it is too late, we still want to know – it might help us to save others.Please let us know if your organisation, or any organisation you are aware of is either at risk of closing, or has already closed, It only takes a minute.
Build Back Better in Greater Manchester Supported by the GM Local Enterprise Partnership (GM LEP), Build Back Better is a movement of people and organisations who want to explore the opportunity to take stock, re-think and set a new course in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are a VCSE organisation that shares this ambition, do get in touch with the LEP with your thoughts on what the future economy should look like and to find out how you can get involved in helping to build a better future.
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