GM Mayor Disabled People’s Panel


The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) has been commissioned by the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to establish a Disabled People’s Panel drawn from organisations across the Ten Boroughs of the City Region. The Panel will become an independent voice once fully established by the end of the first year. It will advise, consult, and propose to improve policy and the lives of disabled people across Greater Manchester. There is an attached a summary sheet that gives more detail about the Panel.

GMCDP are now opening applications for organisations to apply to be on the panel.

How do you apply to be on the Panel?
To apply to be on the Panel, you will need to complete an application form which is attached along with the one page accord with the Mayor’s office. It will need to be returned before Tuesday 28 May 2019, 10am.  If you need support to complete the form or have any questions, contact Rick Burgess, telephone/text GMCDP 0759 415 8603, or email: [email protected]

Selection criteria
There are a number of core values that we will use to decide which organisations will form the panel. These include:

  • demonstrating a strong and regular commitment to the Panel’s work
  • actively practicing the Social Model of Disability
  • demonstrating you are engaged with your local community and represent disabled people’s views
  • the value your organisation can bring to the Panel
  • how are diverse groups represented in your organisation
  • your organisation being based in and focuses on one or more of the boroughs of Greater Manchester

You don’t have to join the panel to influence it. You can opt to be kept informed and contribute but without the commitment to be on the Panel.

The first meeting of the panel is provisionally scheduled for Thursday 20 June 10am-3pm at the Millennium Windrush Centre M16 7WD. P

To discuss this further contact Rick Burgess telephone/text 0759 415 8603, or email: [email protected]

courtesy MACC bulletin 13 May 2019 – 12:07 by michelle.foster