GM VCSE Health and Social Care project update


In 2017 two high level agreements were signed, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the VCSE sector and the GM Health and Social Care Partnership (H&SCP), and the Accord between the VCSE sector, GMCA and the Mayor. The H&SCP invested in the VCSE Health and Social Care Engagement project. GMCVO delivered this project on behalf of the GM VCSE Leadership Group. The project was evaluated earlier in 2021 and this highlighted that the engagement work has led to stronger connections between VCSE organisations and the H&SCP and enabled the VCSE sector to contribute to strategic conversations around health and social care by enabling the sector to be in the right spaces to help shape decisions and strategy development. This work also led to the establishment of the GM Equality Alliance, the GM VCSE Mental Health Leaders Group and the VCSE Commissioning Framework.  

As you might know, a new VCSE Accord, agreed in September 2021, supersedes the previous two agreements and sets out a tripartite set of commitments between the VCSE Sector (represented by the GM VCSE Leadership Group), GM H&SCP and GMCA.  This agreement is building on the significant foundations established through the H&SC VCSE Engagement work to provide a framework for partners across the VCSE and public sectors to work collectively to achieve a set of shared goals. 

The focus of GMCVO’s work to help develop the implementation plan for the VCSE Accord between now and April 2022 will be no longer be focussed on Health and Social Care VCSE Engagement and instead will be:

  • continuing to lead on the work of GM Equality Alliance
  • leading on inclusive economy agenda including taking over the secretariat function for the VCSE Leadership Group’s inclusive economy sub-group that will drive the VCSE Accord delivery related to inclusive economy
  • providing an overview of VCSE sector involvement and engagement with GMCA and its various policy teams  

That means that there will be a lull in communications around H&SC VCSE Engagement work while the VCSE Accord implementation plan is developed and whilst the new Integrated Care System structures are established between now and April 2022. 

In the meantime you can stay up to date with work being undertaken around the VCSE Accord by all three partners, and with other work being led by the GM VCSE Leadership Group as this eBulletin (to which you currently subscribe) will become the mechanism for the Leadership Group to communicate with you. Any future updates around H&SC VCSE Engagement work will be shared in this eBulletin. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe via the link at the foot of this email.

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