GMPA Newsletter 20/3/2024

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In today’s newsletter we take a look back at our conference, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation delve further into their annual UK poverty statistics and Action for Children share new research on work-constrained families.

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Deepening poverty across the UK
By Isabel Taylor, Analysis Manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

In January, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation published its annual UK Poverty report, setting out the most up-to-date picture of poverty in the UK.
The picture is stark. There has not been a sustained fall in poverty for almost twenty years, when the overall poverty rate fell from 25% in 1996/97 to 20% in 2004/05. Apart from a small drop in the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the poverty rate has remained at 21%-22% ever since.

These relatively stable levels overall mask deepening poverty in the UK.
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Child poverty and barriers to work
By Scott Compton, Senior Policy Advisor at Action for Children

We are often told that work is the best route out of poverty, but for many of the families we help, this mantra runs into trouble on contact with reality.
Last month, we published new research showing how many children in poverty live in so-called ‘work-constrained families’. These are low-income families who face significant potential barriers to lifting their incomes through work.

We estimate that in 2021/22, there were 2.7 million children in poverty and in work-constrained families: around two-thirds of the 4.2 million children in poverty.
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