Greater Manchester Moving


Monday 11th to Friday 22nd October 2021

We all know that moving more and being more active is good for our health and wellbeing.  This isn’t a conversation about why we should move more. This is about recognising that there are complex barriers and inequalities that get in the way, which we can overcome if we explore how communities and public services can work alongside each other in ways that are mutually beneficial and helpful. In ways that are led by communities, and supported by public services where appropriate.

That’s what these conversations will be about. We want to create some different and brave spaces where we can talk about what works, and be honest about what doesn’t. When do we lean in, and when do we get out of the way?

Here are some principles that we need to pay attention to together:

  • Community first, activity second
  • Make the invisible, visible
  • Meet people where they are (hyperlocal is best)     
  • Value the experiences of everyone
  • Aim for minimal ‘interferences’

We want the conversation to be as interactive as possible and there are lots of different things that will be happening including online spaces that give you time to:

  • Explore the topics you have told us are important
  • Learn new skills that will support better co-production
  • Hear new ideas from the unusual and usual suspects
  • Hear great stories in practice from real people
  • Act on issues that are important to you together

We will be releasing more details over the coming days and weeks and in the meantime there are three main ways you can engage with us now:

  1. Tell us what you want to talk to us and others about as part of this conversation
  2. Share your 100 word idea you have for running a session sharing your idea, story or approach
  3. Register to find out more and received regular updates on the events taking place