Greater Manchester Strategy Draft

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Please find attached the engagement draft of the Greater Manchester Strategy.  We are sharing this widely amongst your networks and partnerships for feedback but also to ensure visibility, and support its adoption and embedding across organisations. 

The draft is responsive to the extensive engagement undertaken over the last few months, and picks up as appropriate feedback from the thematic community engagement sessions held in July.

You will notice several place holders in the draft where we hope to include case studies / examples of activity etc to demonstrate ‘what this means in practice’.  If during reading you think you have some examples which could be incorporated please flag as soon as possible and we will follow up with you for details.

Please provide feedback on the draft to by cop Friday 1st October, which will allow time for revisions to be incorporated into the updated draft.   

I am happy to meet to discuss feedback if helpful, and / or easier than sending emails.

The revised draft will be considered by WLT on 13th Oct, Leaders Strategy 19th October, and final draft to GMCA on 29th October.

Thanks very much for your continued input and support.


Amy Foots
Head of Implementation

Greater Manchester Combined Authority Good Lives for All

Greater Manchester:

a great place to grow up, get on and grow old;

a great place to invest, do business, visit and study.

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