Hate Crime Partnership/Network


My name is Scott Williams and I am a member of the Hate Crime Partnership we have put this email to organisations/groups within Wigan re: Hate Crime, the partnership and establishing a picture of who and what type of groups are out there supporting our communities.

As a Partnership we are looking at tangible meaningful engagement with our communities and wish to seek the support and enable organisations/groups such as yours. We want to offer a small segment of information:

We cannot challenge and engage this piece of work without the help and support of groups like yours. It is essential that we tackle this together Hate Incidents and Crimes are covered by law and have a set of protected characteristics. These are:

·         Disability

·         Race

·         Religion or Belief

·         Sexual Orientation

·         Trans and Gender reassignment

·         Alternative Sub Cultures

Any “act” perceived by the person or witnessed to be derived from hostility or prejudice based on a person’s characteristic as above would constitute an incident or crime  and should be reported. Further information on hate crime can be found HERE

There are many ways to report Hate such as


999 (threat to life or property)

Online via: http://www.letsendhatecrime.com/

We aim to establish a powerful network of allies and members of the public who will stand against Hate We are looking for your support and commitment in different ways to support the action being taken here in Wigan Borough to protect our communities.

An example of support you could offer would be to put a poster up in your space like the ones attached. There are a multitude of ways in which you can show support for this cause.

The partnership wish to understand:

  1. What is your organisation/groups aims?
  2. How do you support residents?
  3. What if any protected characteristics above do you have contact with?
  4. How can you support our campaigns
  5. Are you willing to be part of the network and receive regular contacts (including invites to quarterly multi-agency meetings)?
  6. What would help you as an organisation meet this agenda?

We are looking to provide training and resources to groups who offer their support. We aim to create a wider network of professionals and the public working collaboratively within “the Deal” for positive change

I eagerly await your response, please send to [email protected]