Health and Social Care eBulletin, 16th September 2021, Issue 94


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Online lectures featuring academic perspectives on voluntary action
GMCVO is launching a new online lecture series that aims to link VCSE practitioners to academic ideas and evidence. It will provide voluntary sector audiences and policymakers with an opportunity to step back from day-to-day concerns and think more broadly about topics and ideas that can inform everyday practice. Find out more about this lecture series here

The first in the series, ‘Back to the Future? Voluntary Action, the State and Welfare Provision’, will look at what history might tell us about the future role of the VCSE in welfare provision. Back to the future? Voluntary action, the state and welfare provision
30th September, Online
Voluntary action has played a crucial role in crisis management during the Covid-19 pandemic, but how might this influence the relationship between voluntary action and the state in the future? This lecture is a chance to hear from researchers who have examined the role of voluntary action at two similarly transformational moments in welfare history.

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