Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh – Board Members & Advisory Board Members

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Voluntary position with paid expenses

. To join our Board and engage in the governance process, helping to ensure that there is transparency in our endeavours and that we comply with our statutory obligations. Most importantly you will be at the centre of decision-making.

Your term of office would be up to 3 years, and your commitment would involve at least one day per month, attending Board meetings (five plus per year), attending a training and development workshop, engaging in the annual review and taking part in the Annual General Meeting.

Board members will be able to demonstrate either experience in health or social care provision or in the receipt of health or social care, with a clear interest in securing improvements in these areas for the community.

The expectation of Board members is to draw on their knowledge experience and interests to challenge presented information, make informed decisions, and importantly to provide solutions. As an ambassador there is also a requirement to develop links with Healthwatch Champion organisations and individuals to support the development of effective networks. This is your opportunity to really influence outcomes.

The role of the Advisory Board is to review issues relating to Healthwatch in detail and make recommendations regarding its independence, transparency and openness. It plays an important role in contributing to Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh’s strategic direction, monitoring the progress of Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh against its work plans, and reviewing the delivery and progress of Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh.

We are looking for people with an interest in health and social care and a desire to work collaboratively to improve the experiences and outcomes of people in the Wigan Borough. There will be opportunity, for those that wish, to represent Healthwatch on boards/committees/meetings hosted by other organisations and to report back to Healthwatch. This role would suit anyone that is able to commit to 8 meetings per year (every six weeks) an induction and further training and development opportunities.

For job descriptions, application forms and further information or if you want to talk to us, contact Stef Duerden on 01942 834 666, or email [email protected] Alternatively, pop into one of our offices if if you are passing by.