Help Three Sisters Become Inclusive For All

map of Three Sisters
If you are not a gardener but would like to learn the group can offer help and advice and practical experience

A local wildlife haven is pledging support from residents and businesses to make their community area more accessible and disability friendly.

Although known for its impressive woodland, dipping pond, bush-crafts and commitment to supporting local young people with additional needs, Three Sisters Recreational Area in Ashton is keen to make changes so their facilities are accessible for all, including families with push-chairs or small children and people living with disabilities.  

With help from Wigan Council, Lancashire Wildlife Trust and voluntary group, Friends of Three Sisters, landfill tax funder, WREN, has offered £138,000 to go towards regeneration of the park, but it is conditional on them being able to raise a further £13,000 in 28 days. 

Following consultations with 24 local groups, Three Sisters and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust understand that works to make the area more inclusive needs to go beyond wheelchair access and should provide sensory experiences for people with disabilities

The works they would like to undertake at the recreation area with the money raised include;
• Create a wooden sculpture trail
• Place information boards around the site telling the history of the area and explaining about the wildlife that can be found at Three Sisters
• Hold more wildlife activities, including Easter egg trails, Halloween trails and half-term activities to bring people closer to the outdoors
• Work with local schools 
• Construct benches at scenic spots
• Create a 3.6km circular scenic and enjoyable trail, which is accessible to everyone

‘The Hamlet’, an educational group for young adults with additional needs, is also based at Three Sisters, where young people can gain experience and essential life skills. The Hamlet run their own café, Nest Café, in the heart of the recreational area and have canvas printing service to help the young people learn employability skills. 

Three Sisters Recreation Area has until the end of February to raise £13,000.

To donate, or to watch a video demonstrating the struggles faced at Three Sisters and to find out more about Sam, visit: and search ‘Three Sisters are doing it for themselves!’