Heritage celebrated in local library renovation


Residents can now enjoy the newly refurbished Ashton library following extensive renovation work to transform the historic building. Wigan Council has undertaken a programme of work to improve the local facility including refurbishment of the community room and restoration of the original parquet floor.

A key feature of the refurbishment works is in the installation of three large stone tablets which trace the history of three local charities. They were once located in St Thomas’s Church before being moved to Ashton Town Hall in 1893. They will now be on display for local residents to enjoy and find out more about their local heritage.

The Linen Charity welcomes the relocation of the tablets to such an iconic building as the library, where local residents can come and view their heritage

Councillor Jenny Bullen, cabinet member for children and young people and local councillor for the area, contributed to the works with her Brighter Borough funding.

“The addition of the stone tablets is fantastic and a real unique feature. It’s brilliant to see a piece of local heritage on display which will be enjoyed for generations.”

A number of public access computers and customer self-serve machines have also been installed which will make it easier for local residents to access online services.

For more information on the library service www.wigan.gov.uk/libraries