Home Office – Hate Crime Community Projects Fund

Stop Hate Crime
Stop Hate Crime

Grants are available for community-led organisations that work with groups who are vulnerable to hate crime for innovative community projects that prevent hate crime in England and Wales.

The Home Office’s Hate Crime Community Projects Fund (HCCPF) is one of the actions included in the UK Government’s Hate Crime Action Plan.

The aim of the fund is to work with affected communities to develop a range of pilot projects to tackle hate crime, by funding the development of innovative projects that support the delivery of the five key aims of the UK Government’s plan for tackling hate crime.

The five key aims are:

  • Preventing hate crime.
  • Responding to hate crime in communities.
  • Increasing the reporting of hate crime.
  • Improving support for the victims of hate crime.
  • Building understanding of hate crime.

Hate crimes are crimes that are motivated by hostility on the grounds of race (including colour, nationality and citizenship, religion, ethnicity and national origin), disability, sexual orientation and transgender identity