Howe Bridge Community Newsletter Issue 208

Colliers Corner at Howe Bridge

The chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and asking for apologies.

A new resident attended to have a look at what we do and to see if he could help us in any way, his feedback was that he enjoyed the meeting and the company and would join us on our first village clean-up the following Saturday.

The village clean-up took place and not only did he turn up but we had three other new volunteers to help us as well , these proved to be very valuable to us in the clean-up and their contribution was excellent, again the feedback was very good with everyone enthusing about what we do and assuring us that they will return to help again.

We didn’t manage to clean all of the village on the first day so we agreed to return the following week to complete the job.

The following Saturday we had an excellent turnout which included two of our locally elected councillors, Mark Aldred & John Harding and the new volunteers,  we split up into groups with some volunteers working on Leigh Road and then onto the land adjoining Leigh Road and Hansom Drive, this include pruning all of the trees that had overgrown onto the footpath on Leigh Road, they did an excellent job and this area now looks much better.

Another group replanted the Pit Truck and tubs on Colliers Corner and did a clean-up around that area of the village, they then replanted the trough & tubs on Jubilee Garden at the side of St Michael’s Church and followed this by cleaning the church gardens and car park etc.

Lovers Lane was litter picked as well as Leigh Road up to the Scout Headquarters and around the cenotaph area.

At the end of the morning we had collected 17 bags of rubbish and these were put between Hansom Drive and the bus stop for collection by the Wigan Council cleansing team.

Many THANKS to all of the volunteers who turned up and did an EXCELLENT job of cleaning the village.

The NEXT major clean-up will be on SATURDAY MARCH 2nd (weather permitting!)  and on this day we will be clearing and cleaning the stream that runs alongside Colliers Corner, this will be a mammoth job that will need as many volunteers as we can get, we will also need specialist  clearing equipment such as Bushcutters, Waders, Heavy Rakes etc, if there is anyone who has this type of equipment and could spare a couple of hours your help would be invaluable and appreciated, please call Terry Daly on 07412 521040 if you can help or if you need any further information.

If we get enough volunteers we will also try to clear and replant the Howe Bridge Shield, the Leisure Centre Garden and even Chattering Fields, all three of these sites need lots of attention and TLC.

The work on these three sites will also need the use of specialist equipment, so if you can help please let us know, if we don`t manage to do the required work on these sites on March 2nd, we will arrange another day to complete this work.

We are hoping that we may be able to get the 2nd Atherton Scouts on board with our environmental projects, they are certainly most welcome to join us and they would probably enjoy working in their own community for the benefit of the community.


It is with sadness that I have to report that the Rev Jonathon Moores is leaving his job at St Michael`s to take on a fresh challenge within the Seven Saints Team at New Bury & Great Lever, his licensing is on March 10th and his last service at St Michaels is at 4-00pm on SUNDAY MARCH 3rd

We want to thank Jonathon for everything he has done at and for St Michael`s and wish him every success in the future.


The bowling club had their Annual General Meeting on February 10th which means that the new season is looming, John Urmston reported that there are several trees around the bowling green needs attention and these would be sorted when it is practical to do the job.

If you need any information about the bowling club or joining the team then please contact John Urmston either at the green or in the Gardeners pub.


The part of the cemetery wall opposite Hamilton Street that was damaged in a Road Traffic Accident has finally been repaired and although a couple of the replacement stones need to be “ weathered in “ it looks a lot better.


Although this is not  specific village news I feel that this information should be given out.

Greater Manchester has been allocated money to buy Electric buses to run throughout the county, two of the routes that affect us is the Guided Busway and the Leigh / Bolton 582 bus service, these electric buses are part of the Clean Air initiatives and should be applauded, our local councillor, Mark Aldred is the chairman of the GMPTE and has had a substantial input in acquiring the funding for these electric buses, they should make a terrific difference to the quality of the air we breathe.

Congratulations Mark, job well done !!

Good Deeds Trust Guardian Angels Scheme

The Memories Tearoom in the newly renovated Atherton Town Hall is now open and is getting busier.  There has been excellent feedback from customers who have visited the tearoom, and, because it is getting busier we need  a good number of volunteers to help run it as an average of 3 per day are needed. 

The charity has been nominated again for ‘Community Group of the Year’ in the North-West Our Stars awards and Anne Tunnicliffe has been nominated for an individual award.

Apart from being a very active and enthusiastic volunteer with the Guardian Angels Scheme, Anne is also treasurer of the Bridgers and is a very vital member of both groups.

Monday 20th May is the start of the Dementia Action Alliance Week and the focus will be on Inclusion as many with dementia suffer from loneliness or have lost touch with their families.  There will be presentations in the Wigan Galleries on Monday, a social event on Wednesday and presentations in the Wigan Grand Arcade on Friday.  The Guardian Angels luncheon club continues to be successful with approximately 35-40 people attending each month. 

Mark Aldred  informed the meeting about promoting the scheme, now in Bolton, Bury, with Blackpool police and Kendal.  Over 1000 free devices have been distributed in Wigan Borough with the number rising every week  He also raised over £3000 with the Home Santa Visits in the weeks before Christmas. PHENOMENOL.

The next luncheon club is on Monday March 4th, to book a place please ring 01942 603175 or 01942 888990

Next Coffee morning is on March 15th both events are the new Community Rooms in the Town Hall.