Infographic from Rehab4Addiction

many different words relating to mental health

We have just created an infographic about COVID 19 and Mental Health. This is a really serious topic, and one I personally feel is not getting nearly enough attention.
I hope this infographic will help to bring greater light to this subject. You can find this infographic here:
If you didn’t know, an infographic is a graphical representation of information. When you open the link above, the infographic is the large rectangle-shaped graphic.
I am writing to you to see if you would be willing to re-post this infographic image on your own website.The benefit of this is that it will help to raise awareness about mental health in the context of the pandemic.
I would be willing to write a 200-word introduction as well. This is beneficial because it means you don’t need to write the infographic introductory text.
Please reply to this email to let me know. I monitor this email address pretty much all day, so I can get something arranged straight away.
 Many thanks for helping me,
Boris MackeyCommunity Outreach ManagerD: +44 800 140 4690