Information governance: essential training

Information governance is essential training for all healthcare staff.

This course enables learners to gain an understanding of how to use principles and standards in their everyday work. This session aims to provide healthcare staff with an introduction to information governance including the principles of confidentiality, data protection, subject access requests and freedom of information requests.
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Audience: All health and care staff
What you’ll learn:
Differentiate between confidentiality, data protection, Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests.
Identify examples of information governance including confidentiality and the Caldicott principles, data protection, freedom of information rights, and subject access requests.
Evaluate your own practice of confidentiality and data protection.
Describe the principles of good record keeping, security, correct retention and disposal.
Identify and discuss where records have not been kept properly and explain the potential consequences of this.
Describe your organisation’s policies to the Caldicott principles, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), The Freedom of Information Act and Subject Access Requests, and identify where you can find local information.
Describe your responsibilities with regards to Freedom of Information and Subject Access Requests.
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