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Finding grants and funding just became easier!… and won’t cost you a penny
Dear Charity 

More than seven in ten charities found their financial position impacted by the pandemic, at a time when service demand reached all-time highs [1].

If you find hunting down relevant grant opportunities to be frustrating and time-consuming, when your resources are already stretched, you’re not alone. Luckily, this struggle may soon become a thing of the past. 

Introducing Grantway: an innovative, user-friendly new search portal designed to make it easy for charity and volunteer organisations to find and obtain essential funding.

What’s more, it won’t cost you a penny.  
Grantway’s cutting-edge technology updates in real time. Its intelligent algorithm hunts down every funding opportunity, from a wide range of sources including international organisations, as they become available.

Grantway compiles them all within easy reach in one central location. Simply input your keywords and set search filters, such as region or organisation type and then sit back as Grantway searches its index of thousands of funding opportunities.

Review your results as you would with a search engine. Click through to access grant details or apply. 

The convenience of a search engine – exclusively for grant opportunities  Quick, easy, convenient, Grantway is a time saver for charity and volunteer organisations, while also making the search for funding opportunities more streamlined, more efficient and more targeted than ever before. Search for grants using applicable keywords and search filters, such as locationAccess international funding opportunities relevant to your organisation

View dedicated grant pages with detailed grant information, such as funding amount and eligibility

Share relevant grants with colleagues 

Grantway is compatible with all devices 

The portal is entirely free of charge.

Maintenance and updates are financed by advertisers that comply with our strict ads policy, which is the same ads policy used by the NHS. 

Unlock the benefits of Grantway and find your next funding opportunity today.