It’s time to turn the notion of a ‘Male Pale Stale’ panel on it’s head with Diversity, Knowledge, Connection & Compassion


This International Women’s Day, we’re hosting a Manel-fest.

Yep – three panels made up entirely of men.

Why we hear you ask? Males make up the majority of powerful positions and support network for women changemakers in our society – and so they will be joining us to discuss how, together, we can make this year’s International Women’s Day theme of “An Equal World is an Enabled World’ a reality.

Hosted and chaired by the women changemakers network Flourish, we’re reinventing our usual events with the belief that to create true equality we need all genders to be fully active in the conversation.

Join us to meet, debate and learn with males who are behind the scenes or up front and centre in creating an equal and enabled world:

• Male decision makers from a range of business sectors, sharing their experiences of driving gender equality

• Life and business partners of women, sharing their experiences of and supporting their partners and sharing work/life balance challenges

• Children of women changemakers who will be keeping it real and giving us their perspectives on this big topic

Experience a different event this International Women’s Day at the beautiful social enterprise café Milk and Honey, and let’s work together to drive real change.

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