Aims/priorities: The Foundation is dedicated to imaginative and responsible funding of the arts across the UK, with a particular focus on supporting emerging talent and excellence. The aim of the funding is to allow artists and arts organisations to thrive; to continue to develop their skills, imagination and creativity with integrity.

Large grants – Funding aims to develop strategic approaches to supporting artists and arts professionals through nurturing artistic or professional development programmes founded and run by established arts organisations. In addition, the Foundation also supports new collaborations, commissioning initiatives, research and development initiatives which either enable experimentation or generate new work, and occasionally it may fund investigation into sectoral and/or policy provision which affects artists. Projects will always respond to key needs and issues within arts sectors.

Small grants – This fund allows the Foundation to explore new relationships, work directly with individual artists, take risks and support research or development of future ideas. At the heart of every small grant is a targeted or particular professional or sectoral development opportunity to be explored.

Who can apply? Support is available to individuals and organisations in the United Kingdom. Organisations do not need to be registered charities providing the project has charitable aims.

Grant amount: Large grants refer to recurring relationships over a period of years, or to awards of more than £10,000. Small grants are for one-off projects, generally under £10,000.  Deadline: Ongoing

Application process: Applicants should contact the Foundation to discuss a potential application

Contact information: Tel: 020 7261 0279 Email: [email protected]

Website address:  www.jerwoodcharitablefoundation.org

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