Job Opportunity at ALRA


ALRA needs progressive, inspiring, caring individuals to be part of the Equity & Inclusion Team. We are dedicated to providing empowering spaces for members of the ALRA community. As a Global Majority Working Group Chair, you will directly contribute to the advocacy of our Global Majority students, the inclusive journey of the wider establishment, and be instrumental in helping us continue to drive change. Join us.

Job Title:  Chair of Global Majority Working GroupDepartment: Global Majority Working Group  
Hours: Around 96 hours per academic year *mandatory 8 hours dedicated to Working Group Meeting*Salary: £3,360 pa  
Location: North Wigan Campus  Direct Reports: Global Majority Working Group  
 Accountable to:  Director of Culture and Creativity  
Key Responsibilities:  
The Chairperson has a strategic role to play in representing and effectively communicating the vision and purpose of the Working Group. They must have a lived experience representative of the Group.   The Chairperson ensures that the Working Group functions properly, that there is full participation at meetings, all relevant matters are discussed, and that effective decisions are made and carried out   The Chairperson fulfils their obligations in line with ALRA’s Working Group Terms of Reference (ToRs):   The Global Majority Working Group will work with the ALRA community to enhance its provisions and affiliations through a coordinated, sustained communication. (The ALRA Community comprises all students, staff, current and prospective affiliates).The Chair will act as the voice of this group, independent from ALRA faculty, to allow for consistent autonomy and power to exist, when challenging the academic practice and vision of the institution.The committee will meet twice per term for one hour per meeting. The Chair will feedback to the Director of Culture and Creativity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and Board of Trustees at the end of each meeting vie formal minutes. The Chair will arrange all meetings directly with students and hold two meetings, in the North, per term (at the start and end of term). Participants will be able to join by any means i.e., physical attendance or online attendance.The Chair will engage in a mentoring provision to support their work in the role.The Chair will plan and run meetings in accordance to the Terms of Reference, keeping an overview of the Working Group’s affairs; advocating for and representing the Working Group at external meetings and events.    
  The above responsibilities describe the present requirements of the role and are subject to change in the light of ALRA’s ongoing development. They may be varied or added to following consultation between the Board of Trustees and the Principal.  
  In the following Person Specifications, where requirements are ‘desirable’, we will work with successful candidates to realise their potential and incrementally improve.  
  Person Specification  
   Requirement  How assessed    Where assessed
 Evidence of communication skills at a minimum of Level 3Professional Performing Arts Training  ApplicationEssential
 Industry working professionalChairing committees or groupsManaging contentious issues  Application and interviewEssential Desirable Desirable
3Skills and Attributes    
 Interpersonal aptitudeEffective, clear communication Bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making.Work closely with members to provide leadership to the Working Group.  Application and interviewEssential Essential Essential   Essential  
4Knowledge and Understanding    
 Awareness of current issues that might affect the Working Group in relation to their performing arts training, the ALRA community and the wider world.  InterviewEssential  

To apply, please submit a copy of your CV and covering letter (no more than 2 pages) outlining your interest and suitability for the role. Please review the above job description and person specification before applying. Applications or any questions can be submitted to

ALRA may close applications early in the event of receiving large volumes of suitable candidates.