Kooth Newsletter for May


Tameside Kooth Data: Top presenting issues:
1) Stress & Anxiety 2) Self-harm 3) Suicidal ideation Out-of-hours support:
78% of all CYP in Tameside were accessing Kooth outside of traditional working hours (After 5PM) Interesting fact:
The percentage of CYP in Tameside using Kooth having concerns around school & college was higher than the national average and average in Greater Manchester for March. Tameside Qwell: Top presenting issues:
1) Stress & Anxiety 2) Suicidal ideation 3) Depression  Out-of-hours support:
69% of all adults in Tameside were accessing Qwell outside of traditional working hours (After 5 PM) Interesting fact:
100% of adults in Tameside using Qwell in March would recommend the service to a friend.

With many young people preparing for their upcoming exams this term, please let them know that Kooth is here to help with any stress or anxiety they may be feeling. We also have a support guide for you to share with young people on coping with exam stress, an exam stress recorded webinar, and articles on Kooth such as “The ultimate exam stress toolkit” that can help. Qwell is also there to support you as local professionals to manage stress or anything else that might be on your mind. You can request resources and KEL engagement by completing this booking form.