Landgate School’s sensory garden

Young people from Landgate School in the garden with staff from Wigan Council Karen Campbell and Laura Reay (2) Photo
Landgate School’s sensory garden

Young people from Landgate School in Bryn, Wigan, have been working hard to create a new sensory garden for everyone in school to enjoy and are appealing to local businesses to help them complete their task.

The sensory garden featurs brightly coloured beautiful flowers, aromatic plants such as lavender and mint, plants with interesting textures for learners to touch and herbs that can be picked and used in lessons to taste. There is a trim trail to help the learners keep fit, a vegetable garden, a long sensory path and a run for the school guinea pig, Dobby.

Teacher at Landgate School, Liz Oliver, says,
‘As our school is a specialist school for young people who have autism, we’re particularly aware of our learners’ sensory needs and want to support them with that, so the garden is a prefect way of doing that.

The sensory garden provides a calming, beautiful place where the young people can enjoy learning outside of the classroom. Activities such as weeding can help them to develop fine motor skills and pencil grip. The sensory path encourages the development of gross motor skills and functional skills through digging, planting and measuring.’

The school would welcome the support of any local businesses to help them finish the project. The materials they still need are; wood chips, pebbles, turf, bricks, log tops, dried bamboo and live bamboo, mosaic tiles, sand, coins, cement and ready mix concrete.

The planning and work the young people have put into their sensory path project will support them to achieve their college accreditations.

Liam, 17, who has decided he wants to go into gardening as a career when he leaves Landgate School, says,  ‘It has been messy but I like it.’

Any businesses who might wish to support the young people’s garden can contact the school on [email protected]

Photo is of some of the learners from Landgate with Community Deal Workers from Wigan Council Karen Campbell and Laura Reay.