Later Life and Memory Service Update

image of two older people

Later Life and Memory Service are no longer accepting routine referrals for memory assessment and diagnosis. No routine face-to-face visits will take place.

LLAMS practitioners will continue to monitor and support existing patients who have been identified to have complex needs or risks.

Urgent LLAMS referrals will be telephone triaged by a practitioner and an appropriate plan arranged in discussion with LLAMS consultants and managers.

Where possible, LLAMS staff will be available to offer telephone advice and support to people with dementia and their families during this time – this is currently available Monday-Friday 9-5 on 01942 481301.

For urgent issues out of hours, patients and families can contact the Urgent Care Team 01942 636395.

Telephone advice is also available from Dementia UK 0800 888 6678

There’s also some really good resources on Dementia UK.

  • Caring from a distance
  • Dealing with restlessness
  • Looking after yourself
  • Calming techniques
  • Supporting people living with dementia to continue reading
  • Film suggestions for people living with dementia
  • Dementia Helpline 0800 888 6678