Launch of the Discretionary COVID-19 Business Grant Initiative

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Wigan Council, are committed to supporting the financial resilience of our local care and community organisations as far as we can in response to the impact of Covid-19.

For those who may not have seen it, I just wanted to let you know about the discretionary grant support scheme that has been launched this week.  The scheme forms part of a range of support measures introduced to support small, local organisations and businesses impacted by Covid-19. 

There is a policy and eligibility criteria that you will need to consider before applying and any submission will be subject to consideration through a process in line with the rules and guidance set by Government.  All details can be found using the link below.

The scheme is now open for applications until 16th June 2020.

Any queries or if you need any help or support contact :-

Lee Scully
Service Development Lead (Employment, Volunteering and Market Shaping)

[email protected]

Tel 07768486790 01942 489434