Learning to Read with Read Easy UK

photo of a man trying to read a label on a jar at the supermarker

Read Easy UK is a registered charity that supports volunteers to set up Read Easy groups in their own communities. 

These groups provide free, confidential, one-to-one support for adults.  Coaching can be face to face or remote.

If you want to see our work at first hand it is worth watching Jay Blades – Learning to read at 51 on BBC iplayer. An inspirational watch.

Our volunteer coaches are carefully selected and trained by Read Easy UK’s trainers, who are all adult literacy professionals. 

We are working now towards establishing a Read Easy group in Wigan Borough. Did you know that  over 8% of the adult population in the Borough struggle to read in a way that impacts their daily life. This is over 16500 people! This is also a multi-generational problem so by tackling it now we can help the future generation of adults.

We have a group of volunteers board but need a few more – could you help us?

Full training is given to all whatever role you are in, there is a huge range of resources to support volunteers and there is a Regional Adviser on hand to support volunteers and groups.

We will be holding a Public Meeting in the coming few months to launch the team.. To register your interest in attending please do get in touch.

Visit our website for more information to hear from volunteers and readers the difference our work makes to lives. Stories Archive – ReadEasy

Once the group is up and running you of course may know adults who you feel would benefit from learning to read with us. If you work with adults who may benefit from our support and would like to discuss how we can support these adults please do get in touch.

To discuss further contact  Karen Wood, Regional Adviser, North West, Read Easy UK on 07763442924 or email karen@readeasy.org.uk  or email Pauline at wiganpioneer.org.uk.

It may be worth copying us both into your emails so we can ensure one of us gets back to you as soon as possible