LENDF Minutes of Meeting Monday 14th March 2022

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Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum (LENDF)

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Minutes of meeting held on Monday 14 March 2022 at Lowton Social Club 

Covering Chairperson/Treasurer Irene Thomson 

Introducing New Chairperson Lesley McGowan  

Secretary Liz Brown 

Deputy Secretary Julie Shawcross 

Minutes Secretary Gill Turner 

Councillors Kath Houlton, Marie Cooper 

Apologies – Ed Houlton. 

No. of attendees = 26 

1. Minutes from last meeting 

Not read out at meeting but copies have been sent out by email and posted on  Facebook. There has been no meeting since 6 September 2021. 

It was with a heavy heart that the meeting was informed about the sad loss of the  Group’s Chairman Ed Thwaite, who had been involved in many local issues within the area covered by LENDF. He will be greatly missed. 

2. Introductions were made of new Committee Members. 

Thank you to those who responded recently to LENDF’s request for these positions  to be filled. There will be the need for Sub-Committees for specific projects in the  future and more detail will be given on those in the future.  

HS2 – Crewe to Manchester 

3. Presentation by Liz Brown on HS2 

HS2 is still planned to come through the area. The High Speed Rail – Crewe to  Manchester “Hybrid” Bill is currently with Parliament and the second reading of the  bill is due around Spring/Summer. There is a consultation currently out with a  deadline of 31st March for residents to give their responses to the Environmental  Impact Statement. Residents were given details of how to call/contact HS2 to obtain  copies of literature including Community Profiles, maps and response forms. 

To get this information: 

See website: https://arcg.is/nfODz 

Or freephone: 08081 434 434 

Or email: [email protected]

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The maps you require are MA05, Volume 2 the community area reports for the  Risley/Bamfurlong, and a copy of the environmental response form. All literature is  free. You can also fill in the response form online:  

https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-2b-crewe-manchester environmental-statement-consultation 

LENDF’s committee wish to gather as much local community information about the  impact/environment of HS2 and any issues people may have, to help inform a  LENDF response. Attendees were advised to think about the following in forming  their responses: 

• Comments on the route wide impact of HS2 

• Comments on specific points to Lowton, giving map references from MA05  maps eg EG: Map CT-05-331 A2 J&I school pupils will suffer a major  impact of noise and traffic pollution over 5+ years of construction. 

• Any other concerns eg will mitigation be scrimped if money runs out, what  about our poor local public transport, local transport will not be enhanced by  HS2. Issues with crossing county boundaries. E.g., When using our nearest  train station at Newton-le-Willows there is no bus route to Lowton after 18:00 as this 3 mile journey crosses the Merseyside/Greater Manchester border. We  need local centric strategies not London centric ones. 

Various ways to gather information and notify people about issues were discussed e.g working collaboratively with Lowton West and Golborne.  

Action: Attendees were advised to send their comments (e.g land suggested  for alternative football pitches is at gradient that is totally unsuitable) to  LENDF via email. They could also submit an individual response if they  wished. 

There will be a HS2 Meeting via MS Teams 15 March 2022 at 18:00. People were  informed they could still book to attend the meeting and encouraged to do so.  

A member of ‘Stop HS2’ was present and talked about the issues residents had with  HS1 and HS2a. He related that communities have been split in half and gave  examples such as during construction in Warwickshire an average of 28 HGV  vehicles going through affected areas had increased to 900 HGV. He noted that Lowton would be one of the worst affected outside central Manchester. 

There will be a STOP HS2 demonstration held in Piccadilly Gardens at 12:00 on  Saturday 19 March 2022 and everyone welcome. This is a family friendly event.  

The HS2 route was discussed and the possibility of the Government  withdrawing/deferring the link through Lowton and other communities in preference  to an alternative and less disruptive route. The impact of the integral plan for the East  to West Line was also considered. 

It was suggested to contact David Proctor, Acting Assistant Director of Growth and  Housing, at Wigan Council, to see what Wigan’s thoughts were on HS2. Previously the Wigan Cabinet had been actively campaigning for HS2 as they thought the 3  passenger trains per hour in each direction would stop at Wigan. This is not the case  now and these passenger trains will only stop at Crewe and Preston, with no other 

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stops in between. Good for Preston, where Preston station has the space to be  modified for the 400m trains, not so great for the rest of us.  

Redrow Housing Development  

4. A discussion took place about a meeting being organised to discuss issues caused  by Redrow Development, Oakwood Fields, Lowton (off Bainbridge) 22 March 2022 at  15:00. Letters stated a maximum of 6 residents only, could attend and Wigan  council would select which residents could go! It was suggested for the meeting to be  held at Lowton Social Club to allow more people to attend. 

Action: A change of venue is to be organised if possible although Redrow  isn’t that keen on the idea. Contact details: [email protected] 


5. Parkside Development was discussed. Signage suggesting 92 weeks of possible  delays/some closure on Winwick Lane. Construction vehicles using Winwick Road,  Newton will also have extra traffic.  

Atherleigh Bypass 

6. Atherleigh Bypass extension was discussed including the possible impact of HS2 on  the area and the views of the Wigan and Warrington Councils. David Proctor from  Wigan was given as a contact. It was suggested any transport mitigation monies  from the many building projects in the area should be put towards the extension of  the current bypass. It was noted that current procedures that specified money had to  be spent within a certain time or given back to the builders was a limiting factor; why  couldn’t money be set aside in a specified project pot, or the bypass work done in  stages? Other less expensive road enhancement suggestions to mitigate volume of  traffic were seen as not fit for purpose. Latest estimates put the cost of a bypass at  13 million pounds. It was agreed that Kath Houlton would facilitate the introduction to  the relevant Warrington Council contact for the LENDF committee to take further.  

Community Groups 

7. It was agreed for local groups to pull together for the community, LENDF, Brathwaite Road Residents Group, Lowton East Residents, Lane Head South Residents Group,  LaGTAG and any other residential/community groups. By keeping in touch with each other the multiple groups can be informed of issues.  


• New train stations on existing lines for Kenyon and Golborne. This is to be  chased up again on where these are up to. 

• Speeding was discussed in the area and facts and figures were given out from  monitoring August/September last year. The outcome of data shows that the 

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higher speeding is in areas of 20mph. (Graham Wardle from LaGTAG said he  will send the data over).  

• It was mentioned by a resident on the new Crompton Way estate that they have  had some success with putting up speeding signs drawn by local children.  

Action: The details of how to create these signs will be passed to LENDF  committee for them to look into costings and bring to a future meeting for  consideration in areas which have a significant speeding issue.  

Next Meeting: 11 April 2022 – 19:30  

At Lowton Social Club

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