“Lest We Forget” World War Two Research Project with Local Memories

World War 2
World War 2

BETA is a local education charity No. 1070662  and we research local history. 

BETA has been successful in getting a small HLF grant to carry out a research project on World War Two with local memories.   As you know it will be the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2 in September this year and the 75th anniversary of D Day in June.   We feel that it is important to gather and record memories  whilst there are still people alive to tell us as  even children of veterans will be in their late 60’s/70’s.

We are looking for people’s personal and family memories/photographs of World War Two.

We invite anyone with a story to write to us via email.   We would also like photos which we could copy.     All these stories will be put alongside our research and printed in a book.

To give you an idea of our work we have a copy of our World War One research book on the BETA website – www.betanetcafe.co.uk    We also have some printed books available.