Aims/priorities: The Architectural Heritage Fund’s grants are designed to help deliver its overall strategic objectives and outcomes for heritage and communities:

  • Objective One: to support people, communities and organisations to take ownership, to repair and to adapt historic buildings and places for new sustainable uses
  • Objective Two: to attract more investment for the conservation and sustainable re-use of the UK’s architectural heritage
  • Objective Three: to inspire the start-up and growth of new community enterprises that utilise historic buildings and places for public benefit
  • Objective Four: to demonstrate the value of a well-managed historic built environment by championing and showcasing the impact of the projects AHF have supported

The Project Development Grant (PDG) scheme is intended to assist an organisation to cover some of the costs of developing and co-ordinating a project and taking it towards the start of work on site.

Who can apply? To apply for a grant, organisations must be a formally constituted and incorporated charity or social enterprise whose members have limited liability

Grant amount: Grants of up to £25,000 are available. Applicants are generally expected to cover at least 50% of the cost of the work.

Application process: Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss any potential application with the relevant Support Officer in their area before submitting an application. Applications forms are available to complete online

Deadline: Applications for more than £5,000 are considered by the AHF Grants Panel at their quarterly meetings.

The 2018 deadlines for applications are 5pm on the following dates:

  • 11 May for 20 June Grants Panel meeting
  • 24 August for 26 September Grants Panel meeting
  • 2 November for 13 December Grants Panel meeting

Applications for grants of less than £5,000 can be made at any time and with a decision typically made within six weeks.

Contact information: Tel: 020 7925 0199 Email: [email protected]