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Aims/priorities: The Marc Fitch Fund makes small grants towards the costs of publishing scholarly work in the fields of British and Irish national, regional and local history, archaeology, antiquarian studies, historical geography, the history of art and architecture, heraldry, genealogy and surname studies, archival research, artefact conservation and the broad fields of the heritage, conservation and the historic environment.

Publication grants: these are intended to help with production costs, including the costs of illustrative material Research grants: these are intended to cover incidental expenses, such as the cost of travel and accommodation within the UK/Ireland to visit archives; they are not intended to cover time spent in research and writing.

To qualify, your work must already have been provisionally accepted for publication

Special Project Grants: from time to time the Fund considers applications for special projects that do not fit easily into one of the above categories, such as the conservation, cataloguing, scanning, transcription and study of significant primary sources, or the conservation and study of significant artefacts.

To qualify, original research and the publication of the results has to be part of the project. Journal digitisation: the Fund is also willing to consider applications from local and national archaeological and historical societies towards the costs of publishing their journal backlists online, on condition that the results are made available to all, without charge and in perpetuity.

To be eligible for such funding, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they already have 50 per cent of the costs in the bank

Who can apply? Community groups

Grant amount: Small grants

Application process: Prospective applicants should submit a brief outline of their project by email. If the proposal meets the Fund’s criteria, the relevant application forms will be provided.

Deadline: 1 March and 1 August

Contact information: Email: [email protected] http://[email protected]

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