image of a home with the word 'less'

The fund is looking for community and voluntary organisations – any group established to help homeless people – to apply for money to help tackle this issue and put an end to rough sleeping and reduce homelessness by 2020.

The fund will work with established organisations to provide money for projects designed to make a difference to people living on the streets.

Examples of the type of services required:

  • Building specialised supported accommodation for young people with access to education, volunteering and employment opportunities.
  • Expanding mental health and rehabilitation programmes across Greater Manchester, including rebuilding community mental health support, recovery led accommodation and arts programmes.
  • Bringing empty properties back into use for people threatened with becoming homeless.

For more information email [email protected]

They are also keen to hear from organisations that can donate unused building space or organisations which have skills and experience they wish to offer.

A Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network is also being created which will consist of charities, people who have experienced homelessness, businesses, faith groups and Local Authorities. The aim is to share best practice, develop new solutions and progress in the same direction to tackle homelessness across Greater Manchester.