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Thank you to all our PPE sewers! 

Bamalam Productions want to hear YOUR experience of isolation for their Lockdown Poetry Pod!

Is it a dinosaur? Is it a frog? No! It’s My Life Support’s Nikki and her team on their daily walk!

Help to manage behaviours and moods at home

Government launches Whatsapp Coronavirus Information Service

Buy through the Amazon Smile website and Amazon will make a donation to My Life!

My Life’s yoga teacher Tiffany continues to help us all chill out

Whip up this delicious lemon drizzle cake, from The Stable Door Café’s Paul Plumbley

Our members show off their green fingers!

How to have a ‘Meaningful May!’

Going to work during the pandemic? If you’re finding this hard, help is at hand

Feeling like you’ve been a bit too inactive? Try these exercises to get you moving

Our hanging baskets bring joy to the local community

My Life Learning learners polish their skills at home

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