New Food Bank in Leigh

image of parcels of food
part of the Leigh and Astley Food Bank and open our doors to refugees


We are pleased to announce our independent food bank is now ready to go.

At HSP we recognise the need for additional support in every day life. That is why we are opening a food bank on Thursday 14th January. We will be open between 11am and 3pm.

We are not operating on a referral system like other food banks do, however we do require identification for those who will be using our service. A letter with your name and address will be all that is needed. We will keep a record of those who register under the data protection act and allocate foods accordingly to the needs of peoples individual needs.

If you or anybody you know would benefit from our service, please come to our office at 19-23 Charles Street Leigh WN7 1DB. For further information please get in touch telephone 01942 676444 EMail [email protected]  Anybody looking to support our cause please also get in touch

Please note we do not deliver and all foods are free of charge.